August Issue 2009


Spring 2008 delivered the perfect storm to Iowa. A Memorial Day EF5 tornado leveled...

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| August 2009
Daylight is one of our most abundant natural resources. Farmers have timed their waking hours to daylight’s availability.

| August 2009
Between 1984 and 2003, the percentage of people directly using a computer at work more than doubled to nearly 57 percent.

| August 2009
When upgrading electronic security in a retrofit, it’s quite common for electrical contractors (ECs) to receive a bid specification where they are expected to add to an exist

| August 2009
The North Carolina State energy office reports that the typical office spends 29 percent of its electrical energy costs on lighting.

| August 2009
Social networking (SN) has entered the daily lives of electrical estimators, bringing a new level of distraction to an already complicated workday.