August Issue 2009


Spring 2008 delivered the perfect storm to Iowa. A Memorial Day EF5 tornado leveled...

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| August 2009
Six Flags, the world's largest regional theme park operatorvirgvir, made two major announcements in June. First, it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

| August 2009
All the recent hype and investment in energy efficiency, renewable power and new technology won’t amount to much without the proper upgrades to our energy infrastructure.

| August 2009
New flexible solar cell technology developed by a group of engineering researchers at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, has been installed at a bus shelter on campus to

| August 2009
Harnessing and coordinating the power of wind, solar and battery storage and smoothly integrating these resources with the grid is a formidable technical challenge, but it is

| August 2009
While utilities across the country are plugging in solar and wind, they also are in various stages of installing intelligent grid systems to improve control, conservation and