August 2014: Design/Build


The leading cause of residential fires in the United States each year—and the second leading...

Jim Dollard has an extensive background in codes and standards. If you have a query...

Floyd Young of Red Top Electric Co. said that early participation in the DB process and coordination of the entire team are the most critical contributing factors to success

It is generally accepted that design/build (DB) projects represent a source of lucrative work for...

ASHRAE/IES 90.1 2010, the national energy reference standard, requires building exterior lighting to be turned...

And Assets

Recently, there has been a rise in the use of prefabrication and modular construction methods,...

When Prime Electric Inc. (Prime) signed on to the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium renovation...

Saving time and money through collaboration and mobility are new imperatives for today’s construction industry....

Last month, We began our exploration of how—and how much—today’s electrical contractors (ECs) are working,...

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| August 2014
Although the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) does not develop 
standards itself, nearly 9,500 norms and guidelines produced by organizations, such as the National

| August 2014
The leading cause of residential fires in the United States each year—and the second leading cause of nonresidential fires—is electrical failure and malfunction.

| August 2014
In late May, the investment company Barclays took a bold step, issuing a downgrade of the bond rating for the entire U.S. electric utility sector.

| August 2014
As technology and electrical devices play an 
expanding role in our daily lives, the chance for abuse of that 
relationship also increases.

| August 2014
Design/build, lean construction and building information modeling are more widely practiced in the industry these days.