April Issue 2009


For electrical contractors, the most interesting aspect of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act...

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| April 2009
An estimator asked what method to use to calculate the volt-amperes (VA) of a residence.

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| April 2009
It’s only temporary wiring, so what’s the problem? Ever get the feeling that temporary electrical wiring is treated as an afterthought, if even considered at all?

| April 2009
Article 110 Requirements for Electrical Installations; Article 210 Branch Circuits; Article 250 Grounding and Bonding; Article 314 Outlet, Device, and Pull and Junction Boxes

| April 2009
For the past few National Electrical Code (NEC) cycles, there has been a concentrated movement by parts of the construction industry to permit fire alarm cables, burglar alar

| April 2009
In recent years, ballast manufacturers have begun marketing a premium fluorescent ballast called a “high-efficiency ballast” for operation of 4-foot T8 lamps.