April Issue 2007


In 2002, the Smithsonian Institute’s National Air and Space Museum produced an IMAX film called...

Become an IBS contractor:

The term, integrated building systems (IBS), refers to the...

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| April 2007
According to Extreme Tech, Honda and Climate Energy have developed a freewatt micro-combined heat and power cogeneration system for homes.

| April 2007
The challenges and triumphs for managers:

| April 2007
Compete with your skills, not with your wallet: The design/build project delivery method continues to catch on, but many end-users don’t realize there are variations on the ba

| April 2007
Green building got a shot in the arm this winter with the announcement that two influential groups in home building and code development were collaborating on the development

| April 2007
Thermal imaging helps contractors determine data: