April 2012: Where Are LEDs Going Next?


Many companies will remember 2011 for its ups and downs, but history might also...

As an estimated 5-million-piece market valued at nearly $1 billion in U.S. sales,...

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| April 2012
PPL Electric Utilities, serving central and eastern Pennsylvania, plans $664 million in capital improvements in 2012 to its electricity delivery system.

| April 2012
In the long-running battle for the nation’s energy soul between green power and fossil fuels, victories are taken in measure.

| April 2012
As the global population grows and its energy use expands, consumers, policy-makers and utilities look to city leadership for models of effective program planning, design and

| April 2012
Innovation and support, both popular and political, have helped make renewables more competitive than at any other time in their history.

| April 2012
Wireless has rapidly emerged as the predominant communication technology in the digital age.