April 2011: OLED Lighting


Some industry observers have predicted that solid-state lighting technology (SSL) will satisfy most lighting...

Decisions on the appropriate lighting source are more pervasive than most of us realize....

Building information modeling (BIM)—the software-based 3-D real-time modeling process for construction—is the summit of...

Energy has been the lifeblood in Texas for years. As a well-established leader...

The gradual emergence from the recession, as well as development of more efficient technology,...

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| April 2011
Federal efforts to speed development of interstate transmission-line projects in designated areas of need were hit hard in February, when a federal court decision sent planner

| April 2011
In its quest for widespread adoption, wind power has long suffered from the challenge of cost.

| April 2011
As an electrical contractor who installs fire alarm systems regularly, you likely have experienced costly call backs due to system false alarms.

| April 2011
In its quest to transform energy use, California has set its sights on the state’s biggest users.

| April 2011
The Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance announced the adoption of several new initiatives as part of its continued efforts to reduce the environmental