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Articles in this section are intended to help electrical contractors grow and improve their businesses, from financial and legal advice to creating a service and maintenance department. You’ll find articles on estimating projects and more below. 

Few one-trick ponies exist in the digital age. As cell phones have become portable computers, other devices also have taken on multiple functions.

This article is the fifth in a series of six tactics in which the electrical contractor can maximize purchasing power and profitability though procurement. Click here for part five.

Something I’ve thought a lot about since I became president of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) is the value of membership in our association. I want to know more about our members’ perception of the value they want and receive from NECA.

In early 2015, the IBEW/NECA Technical Institute in Alsip, Ill., started building a 250-acre on-site facility, the Renewable Energy Training Field (RETF).

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LEDs And Smart Lighting Are Catching On With Consumers

It has only been a few years since incandescent lamps were phased out. It has been even less time still since their heir apparent, compact fluorescent lamps, began losing ground to light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Hydropower Rising From The Depths

When conjuring images of renewable energy, hydropower is typically not the first thing that comes to mind. That’s usually wind, solar or geothermal. Further eroding hydro’s place, it wasn’t long ago that environmental opposition brought new dam construction to a halt.

Are Solar-Power Generation Numbers Underreported?

Electrical contractors interested in getting involved in customer solar installations and maintenance (residential, retail, commercial, governmental and industrial) may look at the “official” numbers on solar generation and conclude that, while some opportunities may exist, they are not appealing en

Clean Power Plan Clamps Down On Emissions

When it comes to policymaking in the energy arena, few decisions are going to make everyone happy, especially when the issue is controversial. Clean air is no exception, and the Obama administration waded into a policy knot when it took on the problem of power-plant emissions.

Powering Cities Brings Energy Experts To The Stage

It’s no secret that the United States uses a disproportionate amount of the world’s power. This fact has spurred one of the strongest energy-efficiency movements in history. 

Business Taking A Positive Attitude Toward Energy Savings

The business sector is not considered to the most enthusiastic practitioner of energy conservation, but a new energy-consumption study may debunk the myth.

Is It Cloud Nine?

They’re here. The mavens of technology have arrived to tell us that, once again, we must move on to the next great thing. According to them, web-based software is the path to the future. The “cloud” is where we now must compute, write, schedule, calculate and present.