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Articles in this section are intended to help electrical contractors grow and improve their businesses, from financial and legal advice to creating a service and maintenance department. You’ll find articles on estimating projects and more below. 

Displays of the new LEDs on San Francisco City Hall

On Apr. 18, 1906, an 8.3 earthquake shook San Francisco, caused fires and destroyed much of the city. All that remained of San Francisco City Hall was the dome. Instead of rebuilding the structure, the city’s Board of Supervisors voted to fabricate a new building.

Cupertino Electric Foremen Bryan Garcia and Kevin Zumwalt repair the lighting fixture as San Jose PAL representatives Saul Duran and Juan Reyes look on.

In May 2015, thieves stole copper wire from a light pole at the Police Activities League (PAL) Stadium in San Jose, Calif.

As more distributed energy technologies have been created in recent years, opportunities for electrical contractors to install and maintain the equipment have grown. However, while the trend is seen as positive for the customers and contractors, utilities are losing sales of their power.

San Francisco Airport’s new air traffic control tower (ATCT) is not only a functional facility, but it’s also a 221-foot-tall work of art and a new landmark for the Bay Area. 

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Walmart: A Sign Of Things To Come For Renewable-Power Installations?

Work associated with the installation of renewable-energy sources—especially solar, wind and battery storage—is expected to explode for electrical contractors. Recent announcements by Walmart may serve as a model for what is to come.

Big Cities Are Energy Innovators

When it comes to transformative change in society, government is often the catalyst. The transition to a more energy-efficient landscape is no exception. According to a new ranking of energy innovation, America’s biggest cities are leading the way.

New York State Investing In New Energy-Storage Technology

From solar power to electric vehicles, from building efficiency to biomass, the energy industry is blessed with an abundance of innovative technologies that are transforming how we generate and consume electricity.

The 21st Century Energy Workforce Act

In May 2015, Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., introduced “The 21st Century Energy Workforce Act” in the Senate. The proposed bill is designed to accomplish two things.

Relighting Ancient Rome

The relighting of the ancient Imperial Forums of the City of Rome took place in April 2015, the result of the work of Vittorio Storaro, a lighting designer and Oscar-winning cinematographer, and his daughter, Francesca Storaro, a well-known architect and lighting designer.

Calculate This!

I was recently following a forum discussion about issues related to using spreadsheet software for estimating. It turned into a spreadsheet–versus–database argument and got a little heated. The truth is both systems have a place in your estimating toolbox.

Not Only In The Tea Leaves

A prognosticator forecasting the end of electric utilities as we know them isn’t news. Economists and market researchers have been telling this fortune for several years. But when the people in charge of utilities corroborate those reports, it’s no longer a tale read in the tea leaves.