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ETAJ training coordinator Danny VanSickle and instructor Sanders Masters help deliver a trailer full of donated goods to flood victims.

Between Aug. 12–22, an unnamed storm damaged more than 150,000 southern Louisiana homes. Gov. John Bel Edwards said part of the state received more rain in 48 hours than the Mississippi River discharges into the Gulf of Mexico in 18 days.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is circulating a draft petition to be used by applicants for up to $1 million in funding for community microgrids in the state.

map of the City Yards Project area

The City of Santa Monica, Calif., recently received a $1.5 million grant to plan and design a microgrid that will incorporate renewable energy (including solar), combined heat and power, small-scale waste-to-energy, energy storage and electric vehicle charging.

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Free Estimating Webinar: Technology Empowered Estimating

Information technology and automation have converted construction project estimating from an arcane and sometimes mysterious art to an art-and-science process that can be standardized (individually, for each company) and reliably repeated.

Federal Court Blocks FCC’s Municipal Broadband Push

After a series of net-neutrality victories for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in federal court, the agency was handed a significant defeat on Aug. 11, 2016, in the battle for municipal broadband networks.

Bidding Efficiency

Estimators are the link between the contractor and the customer, the project and the contract, the company and its revenue. While only a percentage of estimates yield a project, contractors know each one needs to be treated as a sure thing.

Energy-Efficiency Investment Flourishes Worldwide

In the realm of emerging technologies, investment is a strong barometer of momentum. According to one recent study, investment in building energy efficiency points to rapidly growing momentum in the field.

Milwaukee Hole Dozer hole saw
Cool Tools: Hole Saws

Tools evolve, and even the most basic tools used by electricians—screwdrivers, pliers, measuring devices, etc.—are significantly better than they were 20 years ago. Add hole saws to that list.

New NARUC Manual’s Impact On Distributed 
Energy Resources Compensation

In July, the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) convened a town hall meeting for interested parties to begin to provide input on its draft “Manual on Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Compensation.”

Welcome to Boston: Beware the Molasses

Boston is chock-full of history, and it’s hard to pick the best event—the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s ride, the Red Sox overcoming the curse of the Bambino to win the World Series in 2004.