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Articles in this section are intended to help electrical contractors grow and improve their businesses, from financial and legal advice to creating a service and maintenance department. You’ll find articles on estimating projects and more below. 

Four out of five clean-energy workers in New York state focus on energy efficiency, according to a new report published by Environmental Entrepreneurs (a national nonpartisan business group), the Alliance for Clean Energy New York, the New York State Sustainable Business Council and New Yorkers for

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It’s that time again when we call on expert pollsters to help us learn more about our readers and the work they are doing in the field. More than 2,400 of you responded to our questionnaire earlier this year, through snail mail or online, describing the work you did in 2015.

Technology is all about opportunity and innovation convergence. In a poor, rural, Southern California school district, officials saw an opportunity to meet a critical need for internet access and came up with an innovative solution, using one of its most plentiful resources.

Aging coal plants are closing across the nation, along with a growing number of nuclear units, and utility planners are increasingly concerned about how best to replace this shuttered generation capacity.

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Lost at Sea Without a Compass

Ambiguities, vagueness in contracts can be disastrous Drafting construction contracts takes skill. Interpreting someone else’s contract can be equally challenging, and more so if clauses can be read to have multiple, possibly contradictory meanings.

A Visitor's Guide to the City of Angels

The annual NECA Convention and Trade Show makes its first visit to Los Angeles next month, and there couldn’t be a better time to visit the City of Angels.

A Tale of Two States

You could not find two adjacent states taking more opposite approaches to electric markets than Maryland and Virginia. But they still have one thing in common that could be good for electrical contractors. Governors of both states have issued orders for conservation upgrades worth millions.

The Energy Bar

Power supply design determines an appliance’s energy profile On the plane coming home from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power Engineering Society meeting, I was proofreading a paper that proposed to convert our way of looking at power-quality phenomena from sags, swells, tra

Tips of the Trade (Show)

Trade shows are a big part of our industry. The current economy means contractors and vendors are being more prudent with company spending. Executives are questioning why they should attend conventions. There is a simple answer, especially during these difficult times: value.

L.A.'s New Landmarks

Los Angeles has two new landmarks, dramatic additions to a town replete with drama. Both are designed by PritzkerPrize-winning architects: Walt Disney Concert Hall by Los Angeles-based Frank O. Gehry and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels by Spain’s Jose Rafael Moneo.

The Ultimate Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are one of the few business events that just about everyone looks forward to, and exhibitor booths are one of the star attractions. Trade shows have a way of making business fun, and you just can’t beat that.