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Articles in this section are intended to help electrical contractors grow and improve their businesses, from financial and legal advice to creating a service and maintenance department. You’ll find articles on estimating projects and more below. 

For several years, I have been seeing a new hole in the theoretically 100-percent-complete electrical drawings we are provided for bidding. Within the last year, the problem has gotten bigger, driven by increasingly strict energy-usage requirements.

Happy New Year from your new ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR editors! Surprised? You have that look on your face. It’s OK. We were, too.

Economists coined the term “half-fast” to describe the financial recovery. It’s an economy in flight, but it isn’t quite soaring. Dodge Analytics calls it “a mixture of headwinds and tailwinds.” For example, 2015 construction starts were forecast for 9 percent growth. They landed at 13—a tailwind.

Welcome to the initial column of Intelligent Infrastructure Insights. We are going through a huge paradigm shift in real estate today.

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Collins Electrical Construction Performs a Miracle on Ice

Powering up a Winter Festival Last November, about the time most of us living above the Mason-Dixon line began a months-long huddle around the fireplace with the arrival of 30-degree temperatures, things were heating up in Saint Paul, Minn.

Riding the Wireless Wave

It’s an exciting year for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine as we prepare to launch our survey for the next Contractor Profile. Two years ago, we published in-depth research that delivered some keen insight on how wireless technology and e-commerce were being embraced by the electrical contractor.

Talkin' Auction

Online auctions present significant opportunities If you’re one of the millions of consumers who has caught the online auction bug, you already know that you can make—or save—some serious coin on the Web, simply by knowing your way around the online auction community.

Looking for a Few Bright Individuals

Many overloaded contractors have uttered something along these lines at one point or another: “I wish I could find someone that’s as smart as I think I am to share some of the load.” But if that load is to support the estimating needs of the company, maybe what they are really looking for is someone

Power Quality's Most Wanted

Even without the pictures on the post office wall or the television show of almost the same name, being able to recognize the most popular power quality “criminals” can help quickly find the source of problems.

The 'Other' Campus Security

Ask Bob Lashaway at Montana State University about his greatest security concern on the Bozeman campus and he’ll tell you that it may be faculty and student negligence.

E-Rate Equals Affordable Communications

E-Rate is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program aimed at the telecommunications and technology industry. It is actually administered by the Schools and Libraries Division of the Universal Service Administration (