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Articles in this section are intended to help electrical contractors grow and improve their businesses, from financial and legal advice to creating a service and maintenance department. You’ll find articles on estimating projects and more below. 

Fluke 1730 three-phase energy logger

Productivity loss, equipment damage, facility downtime and increased energy use are only some of the problems that poor power quality (PQ) can create.

The solar power industry, like much commerce today, thrives on innovation and the drive to do more with less. Recently, one industry leader set a new standard when it announced a solar-panel technology with unprecedented levels of efficiency.

While employment in the construction sector has generally enjoyed steady growth over the last 20 months, one element has remained stubbornly weak: the number of skilled workers. The problem is not new, and it persists.

The high price of renewables relative to traditional fuel sources is their biggest drawback. Although the alternative-energy industry has made great strides in bringing down upfront costs, the perception remains that it is a long way from parity with fossil fuels.

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Riding the Wireless Wave

It’s an exciting year for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine as we prepare to launch our survey for the next Contractor Profile. Two years ago, we published in-depth research that delivered some keen insight on how wireless technology and e-commerce were being embraced by the electrical contractor.

Talkin' Auction

Online auctions present significant opportunities If you’re one of the millions of consumers who has caught the online auction bug, you already know that you can make—or save—some serious coin on the Web, simply by knowing your way around the online auction community.

Profitable Installations

Estimation, training and planning put you in the black What helps make your electrical contracting business profitable? Is it your estimating prowess? Is it your ability to buy your project equipment at the best price and sell it at a good profit? Is it your ability to find and keep good people?

Fiber Optic Standards

What would we do without them? Standards affect all of us, everywhere we go. The minute details of standards are required to allow widespread use of products and to facilitate commerce.

Pre-Training Decisions

What does it take to be an estimator? I am frequently asked what type of courses would help prepare someone to become an estimator.

Article 220-Branch Circuit, Feeder and Service Calculations

Cooking Equipment Calculations, Part III 220.19 Electric Ranges and Other Cooking Appliances Article 220 of the National Electrical Code contains specifications for calculating branch-circuit, feeder and service loads.

The Renovation Revolution

Most people probably think the term “building renovation” is reserved for “This Old House” or historic-preservation showcases—a once-grand downtown theater. They’re important projects but make up a small part of the renovation sector.