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Articles in this section are intended to help electrical contractors grow and improve their businesses, from financial and legal advice to creating a service and maintenance department. You’ll find articles on estimating projects and more below. 

Efficiency has emerged as a key element in the transformation of the nation’s energy landscape, and solid-state lighting (SSL) has also taken on an expanded role. Reflecting that emphasis, investment is focusing on innovations in the field.

When the final camera, intrusion detection, or integrated solution is installed and the security system is commissioned, what comes next? Do you simply collect your final payment and move on to the next project?

Every fall, one my favorite events of the year occurs. Thousands of people associated with electrical construction flock to a major U.S. city to spend three or four days surrounded by their peers, all of them invested in renewing themselves and their businesses. Opportunity abounds.

Courtesy of Advent Systems.  Dealing with the sound reverberations caused by the diagonal lines and peaked center of the ceiling of Prince of Peace Church was one of the challenges faced by Advent Systems.

Churches are designed to be places of worship. Pastors deliver sermons. Congregations pray silently or sing and clap. What can go wrong? Sometimes those in the back can't hear the minister. Or his words are garbled. Or the speakers don’t cover the first few rows.

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Integrated Building Systems and You

Advancing technology is allowing the integration of power, communications and control systems to improve building performance.

Continuing the Search for Greener Pastures

As was pointed out in last month’s column, when an electrical contractor expands to a new area of work such as school construction, a new set of parameters enters the estimating picture. Perusal of the specifications becomes a lesson in caution.

Communicate the Bottom-line Benefits

I’m fairly certain that we’ve only begun to tap the energy efficiency potential of this country.

Beyond the Basics

When considering the various financial institutions we personally deal with each day, such as banks and investment corporations, we immediately think of how much security is involved to protect the financial assets held in, or controlled by the institution.

The Patriot Act Comes Calling
by Staff |

The terrorist acts of Sept. 11, 2001 created changes in our lives and businesses in ways in which most of us never dreamed possible. One of the most immediate changes in the way in which many do business was the passage of the Patriot Act. The U.S.A.

Speelman Delivers on FedEx Project

Federal Express has built its success on understanding that its customers require that their packages be delivered on time and to the right location.

Energy Management Makes Dollars and Sense

A large part of the nation has been spooked recently by regional energy crises. If necessity is the mother of invention, then perhaps recent price spikes, power outages and fears of terrorism are causing some people to assume more responsibility for their energy needs.