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Articles in this section are intended to help electrical contractors grow and improve their businesses, from financial and legal advice to creating a service and maintenance department. You’ll find articles on estimating projects and more below. 

Each tooth on each Sawzall blade is carbon tipped individually.

On Tuesday, March 28, Milwaukee Tool held a media event and tour of the company’s Greenwood, Miss., plant, which manufactures reciprocating saw, hole saw and band saw blades.

Milwaukee Tool offers a full line of SDS plus cordless rotary hammers.

A hammer drill may be sufficient for drilling small-diameter holes in soft masonry, some metals and other materials too hard for conventional drills, but when tackling harder materials, such as concrete or cement blocks and brick, a rotary hammer is the most efficient.

Eaton Corporation, a power management company based in Cleveland, is teaming with ATEC Training and Certification Services to offer a training course on the National Electrical Code (NEC) 500 standard. It will be offered only at the Eaton Experience Center in Houston.

Productivity improvement is more than reducing waste. Understanding how routines and environment affect our physical and mental states can help you and your employees get the work done more efficiently and accurately without spending a fortune or revamping your organization.

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Quality of Power?

Nearly a decade ago, a collaborative project with Duke Energy, Clemson University and Dranetz-BMI tried to change the focus from the quality of power to the quality of the process.

A More Direct Approach

With new generation capacity becoming both more difficult to get approved and expensive to finance, electric utilities are looking at more creative strategies for squeezing inefficiency out of customer-side distribution systems.

Non-Road Equipment Emission Regulations and Transitional Provisions

The United States and European Union (EU) are implementing significant regulations that mandate nonroad equipment with the lowest emissions in history. Canada and Japan are expected to release similar regulatory programs this year. These regulations, which are known as U.S.

The PQ Doctor's Bag

For the most part, the medical doctor who makes house calls is a thing of the past.

Mid-Atlantic Utilities Fight Record Snowstorms

In February 2010, two record-breaking, back-to-back snowstorms pounded the Mid-Atlantic region.

Southern California Utilities Getting Smart About Storage

In times of great change, innovation becomes the norm. Already ahead of the curve for tapping plentiful solar, wind and other renewable sources, California continues to feed that trend. The state recently announced new, mandatory green-building standards.

Enlightened With Power

Last month’s article touched on photovoltaic (PV) arrays as a renewable power source. According to, the installation cost of PV modules is still high ($4.31 per watt).