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Fluke 1730 three-phase energy logger

Productivity loss, equipment damage, facility downtime and increased energy use are only some of the problems that poor power quality (PQ) can create.

The solar power industry, like much commerce today, thrives on innovation and the drive to do more with less. Recently, one industry leader set a new standard when it announced a solar-panel technology with unprecedented levels of efficiency.

While employment in the construction sector has generally enjoyed steady growth over the last 20 months, one element has remained stubbornly weak: the number of skilled workers. The problem is not new, and it persists.

The high price of renewables relative to traditional fuel sources is their biggest drawback. Although the alternative-energy industry has made great strides in bringing down upfront costs, the perception remains that it is a long way from parity with fossil fuels.

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An EC's View Of California's Title 24

“Sprig” is a nickname for the Pintail Duck, a breed that is particularly admired for its trim form, great agility, unending endurance and flying speed, which can reach up to 65 miles per hour.

Greenlee AutoBend 3D uses BendWorks software.
Cool Tools: Conduit Benders

From the time wires were first placed in protective pipes, electricians have been bending conduit to take cable where it needs to go. Early hand benders allowed pipe to be effectively bent without walls collapsing.

Ideas That Work: Attractive Solutions: Suction Cups and Magnets

Every month, we pick the top Ideas That Work submitted by you, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR readers.

The ‘Quality’ Of Electrical Components

According to the Eaton Blackout Tracker 2013, the No. 1 cause of power outages in 2013 was weather/trees (966 outages). Faulty equipment and human error were a close second (921 outages).

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Six Tactics to Maximize the Purchasing Function, Tactic 3

This article is the third in a series of six tactics in which the electrical contractor can maximize purchasing power and profitability though procurement. Click here for part 2.

Market Expanding for Advanced Distribution Management Systems

As smart-grid technology ­deployment expands, the technical needs of utilities become more sophisticated. One of the potential beneficiaries of this trend is a platform that allows utilities to unify all of the vast amounts of data that they receive.

Demand Response Enters a New Era in California

California, long considered a pioneer of renewable-energy technologies, has lagged in one area.