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Articles in this section are intended to help electrical contractors grow and improve their businesses, from financial and legal advice to creating a service and maintenance department. You’ll find articles on estimating projects and more below. 

Playing with the big boys

My first exposure to material pricing was in the mid-1970s when I was promoted to pricing clerk/assistant-purchasing agent at a wholesale house. My new desk was dominated by a 4-foot wide, metal-framed collection of pages called the Biddle Book, which was furnished by Trade Service Publications.

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) works daily to ensure electrical contractors (ECs) have every opportunity to stay on top of the issues that affect their businesses and to be directly in touch with their senators and representatives in Congress.

Choosing a trustworthy financial adviser can be confusing and stressful. In last month’s column, we learned that researchers have not been able to find a link between financial literacy education and improved consumer decision-making.

In places such as Arizona, where utilities and the solar industry bicker over pricing and metering policies, everyone suffers. In Los Angeles, where the same policies are embraced, everyone wins as increasingly larger projects come online.

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Metro's L'Enfant Plaza station, the scene of the deadly 2015 smoke incident in which dozens were hospitalized and one woman died.
D.C.'s Metrorail Suspends Service for Emergency Inspections of Third Rail Cables

The second-busiest rapid transit system in the United States, Washington, D.C.'s Metrorail closed Wednesday, Mar. 16, due to an emergency inspection of the entire system's third-rail power cables.

Where Do You Start?

Electrical contractors know productivity affects profitability but may overlook personal factors that affect employee attitudes toward work and that reduce the motivation to improve efficiency.

Exelon, Pepco Merge to Form Nation’s Largest Investor-Owned Utility

On Wednesday, Mar. 23, the District of Columbia Public Service Commission voted two to one to approve a $6.8 billion merger between Pepco Holdings and Exelon, creating the largest investor-owned utility in the nation. Combined, the two utilities will now serve 10 million customers.

Bosch 18V Compact Tough brushless drill driver
Cool Tools: Brushless Motors

The impact of Brushless motors on electric hand tools is reminiscent of the transformation following the 2005 introduction of the lithium-ion battery, which, at the time, was heralded as the most significant development in power tools over the previous 20 years.

Governors' Bipartisan Accord Promotes Clean Energy

In late February, a bipartisan group of 17 governors signed the "Governors' Accord for a New Energy Future," a joint commitment to take action to promote clean energy, clean transportation choices, a modern electrical grid, and a plan for a new energy future.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Demand Response

As the power sector evolves to accommodate innovations such as renewables and efficiency, utilities and providers have not always embraced change. However, conservation proponents won a national battle recently, when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a regulation supporting demand-response programs.

Electroindustry Business Conditions Index Makes Dramatic Jump

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s (NEMA) Electroindustry Business Conditions Index (EBCI) took a massive step forward in March, signifying improving industry conditions almost across the board.