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Displays of the new LEDs on San Francisco City Hall

On Apr. 18, 1906, an 8.3 earthquake shook San Francisco, caused fires and destroyed much of the city. All that remained of San Francisco City Hall was the dome. Instead of rebuilding the structure, the city’s Board of Supervisors voted to fabricate a new building.

Cupertino Electric Foremen Bryan Garcia and Kevin Zumwalt repair the lighting fixture as San Jose PAL representatives Saul Duran and Juan Reyes look on.

In May 2015, thieves stole copper wire from a light pole at the Police Activities League (PAL) Stadium in San Jose, Calif.

As more distributed energy technologies have been created in recent years, opportunities for electrical contractors to install and maintain the equipment have grown. However, while the trend is seen as positive for the customers and contractors, utilities are losing sales of their power.

San Francisco Airport’s new air traffic control tower (ATCT) is not only a functional facility, but it’s also a 221-foot-tall work of art and a new landmark for the Bay Area. 

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Driving Home The Need To Fix The Highway Trust Fund

Washington, D.C., is famous for its traffic circles—and infamous for decision-makers who seem to be stuck in them, going round and round and getting nowhere.

Tesla Introduces Mass-Market Battery Systems

On April 30, 2015, Tesla Motors announced that it is releasing a new line of stationary rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for homes and commercial buildings.

Batteries Could Transform Utilities

The age of renewables is all about change, not only in the way we generate electricity but also the way we live and function. The acceptance of alternative-energy sources has affected how we view the environment, drive our cars and run our households.

Modesto Takes Lighting Efficiency To The Streets With New LEDs

In the race for greater energy efficiency, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are taking on a widening role. The conversion to LEDs is well underway in the home, where they are quickly displacing compact fluorescent lamps, which are a recent replacement for incandescent lamps.

High School Students Invent Low-Voltage Generator

Fourteen students from Wallenpaupack Area High School in Hawley, Pa., invented a low-voltage generator that harnesses the movement of a boat dock to produce electricity. They came up with the idea to solve a local problem.

U.S. Wind-Power Industry Has Much Room To Grow

While wind power has made great strides breaking into energy markets in recent years, there is still much more room to expand.