Collins Electrical Construction Co in St Paul, Minnesota, has been serving the St Paul Winter Carnival since 2001; the 59-year-old company volunteers its people and electrical equipment to light up the ice maze, snow sculptures and the bulk of Harriet Island during St. Paul’s annual 10-day winter celebration.

The ice maze grand opening was scheduled for Friday, Jan. 26, but it was delayed due to difficulties in ice harvesting from local lakes. To make up time, Collins’ electricians split up their days into two shifts, working days and nights.

“The St. Paul Winter Carnival is a part of our community and a part of our business community. This is where we make our living, and it’s a great opportunity to give back,” said Doug Spindler, Collins Electrical’s on-site coordinator.

Collins donated temporary lighting to make it possible for workers to cut ice from the frozen Lake Nokomis at night. After the 1,650 400-lb. ice cubes were delivered to Harriet Island, Collins used a crane to stack the blocks into a snowflake-shaped maze. Collins’ electricians then lit the maze with 49 lights.

In total, 30 Collins electricians worked to install seven ground rods at locations near generators to power lights and receptacles, the ticket booth, and the main food and entertainment tent. Collins also lit up and ran sound for the giant snow slide. By the end, Collins donated about 500 man-hours of volunteer time.     EC