For years, Arlington Industries and Bridgeport Fittings have been locked in a legal battle over alleged patent infringement. In short, Arlington claimed that two of Bridgeport's products infringed on Arlington's Snap2It line, which saved installers from having to screw in a threaded nut.

In the latest development, Arlington Industries announced that, on Oct. 5, 2015, Bridgeport Fittings paid Arlington $2.34 million in sanctions for violating an injunction that prohibited any sales of Bridgeport’s infringing 38ASP and 380SP Whipper-Snap Connectors.

In addition to the monetary sanctions, the court also entered an injunction banning Bridgeport’s infringing 38ASP and 380SP Whipper-Snap Connectors from the market. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit recently affirmed the contempt sanctions and injunction.

To date, Bridgeport has been ordered to pay Arlington $8.75 Million based on its infringement of Arlington’s patents, including the Snap-Tite and Snap2It patents.

“We are pleased that the Court sanctioned Bridgeport and banned the infringing 38ASP and 380SP Connectors from the market," said Tom Stark, president of Arlington Industries.