Integrated electrical and low-voltage systems of all types—inside and outside a building—encompass the range of work that electrical contractors do. The articles in this section highlight different types of work, from security, fire and life safety, to traditional electrical power and distribution, to lighting, cabling and more. 

Brady BMP21-Plus label printer

Making labels on the job site can be a time-consuming task for integrated systems contractors, but it can pay big dividends in the long run.

In the last issue, I wrote about the practice of splicing two fibers with a fusion-­splicing machine. This month, I discuss some secrets that experienced splicers have learned—often the hard way.

Figure 1: Notching caused by semiconductor-controlled rectifier switching during commutation period

Maybe it is because they are rarely seen by the human eye or because the proliferation of surge protector strips makes everyone feel immune, but transients still exist and can wreak havoc with electrical equipment.

With cities and utilities worldwide upgrading to light-emitting diode (LED) lighting for streets and outdoor areas, owners and installers wonder when they 
will build in the controls for smart-city applications.

More on Systems

It's Just Math

In attempting to explain to a colleague why we care about negative sequence components, I tried to follow the guidance that Bob Lawrie, another member of the NFPA 70B Electrical Equipment Maintenance committee, offered to me many years ago: never use a formula in an article.

Bringing Coverage Everywhere

Another year has passed, and we have nothing revolutionary to report about fiber optic technology—no instant-on connectors, dirt-cheap lasers or simple solutions to installation problems.

Code-Compliant Systems Design

When a potential client calls on you to provide a fire alarm system, do you assume the design responsibility? If so, what resources do you use?

Lutron’s Maestro Wireless technology also is geared toward both the residential and commercial markets.
Decoupling Wire and Power

While wire and electric power delivery will remain a constant, the marriage between the two is being redefined. Wireless lighting and energy control are expanding from homes to office, healthcare, institutional and industrial settings.

Polishing The Connector

Now that we have covered the process of stripping the fiber and attaching the connector with an adhesive, the connector is ready to polish. The biggest problem with polishing a fiber optic connector is patience.

The fountains and walkways of the healing garden are illuminated by LEDs.
Illuminating the Path to Recovery: Healthcare

In the healthcare-lighting arena, the improvements and increasing affordability of light-emitting diode (LED) products, along with advancements in lighting control technology, enable creative lighting designs that benefit patients and staff members.

An Article About Articles

In preparing to write my next article, I often review the topics I have covered in the past year or so, and I consider the issue’s theme.