Integrated electrical and low-voltage systems of all types—inside and outside a building—encompass the range of work that electrical contractors do. The articles in this section highlight different types of work, from security, fire and life safety, to traditional electrical power and distribution, to lighting, cabling and more. 

In the past year, fiber optics underwent some important developments, some technical and some market-related. For those of you working in fiber optic network design and installation, the changes present opportunities and challenges.

This article is the first in a series that provides a step-by-step approach for performing arc flash calculations.
 Arc flash studies and software

I often give my power quality (PQ) 101 course to new engineers or salespeople. This introduction starts with the basics: an overview of PQ phenomena based on IEEE 1159 Table 4.2 followed by Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s laws and how they apply to power quality.

We strive to protect building occupants, including our employees. Many years ago, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) formed to codify regulations in the area of employee protection.

More on Systems

Installing Fire Alarm Systems - Part I: A Quick Guide To Getting Started In The Business

Many electrical contractors have attempted to install commercial fire alarm systems and because they were not properly prepared, they did not enjoy the experience. What steps do you take to properly install such a system?

Fiberoptic Cabling May Have Bottomed Out

By Rick Laezman Like many high tech products over the last few years, fiberoptic cable has experienced a roller coaster ride of extreme highs and lows. 2001 was a peak year for installations of single- and multi-mode fiberoptic.

Generators and GFCI, Pool Wiring, Inspection Questions and More

CODE CITATIONS Article 225 Feeders Article 230 Services Article 250 Grounding Article 408 Switchboards and Panelboards Article 445 Generators Article 680 Swimming Pools, Fountains and Similar Installation Systems NFPA 20 1999 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection Grou

Intelligibility--What Did You Say?

How many times have you been to a large corporate complex and struggled to hear an announcement on the public address system? Now consider the same sound system and the dangers when the listener is instructed in emergency evacuation procedures.

Smarter Distributed Controls

Imagine being on summer vacation in Australia while it's mid-winter back home in Boston. Your neighbor has kindly agreed to feed your exotic fish while you're away for three weeks, and you know she'll be visiting every morning and evening.

Put the Web to Use

As the Internet progressed from "new" to standard operating procedure, the electrical and VDV construction industry has embraced the Web. Few may be buying online, but many industry people use it. Perhaps you might save time by using the Web to better effect.

Highlights on New Category 6 Standard

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has published its long-awaited standard for Category 6 data cabling and components. Officially known as ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1, the standard is an addendum to the TIA/EIA-568-B standard for commercial building telecommunications cabling.