Integrated electrical and low-voltage systems of all types—inside and outside a building—encompass the range of work that electrical contractors do. The articles in this section highlight different types of work, from security, fire and life safety, to traditional electrical power and distribution, to lighting, cabling and more. 

The role of cars in power consumption and generation has taken a new twist. First electric vehicles (EVs) emerged as a viable alternative to driving on fossil fuels. Then the sophistication and capacity of battery technology expanded the utility of EVs into the realm of storage on the grid.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That seems to be the attitude of electric utilities these days, as growing numbers of large energy users negotiate agreements to buy electricity directly from new wind and solar developments.

In 2009, Home furnishings retailer Havertys launched a sustainability program using a data-driven energy-management system to pinpoint inefficiency. After implementing a discrete energy-monitoring system, it was able to reduce overall consumption by 20 percent.

Electrical contractors work hard to learn their business and understand how to complete a project professionally and make a profit. The profit part ensures ECs can stay in business. The professional part is mandatory if ECs want to stay in business and grow.

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Coexistence in Connectivity

Making a place for fiber alongside UTP:

Never Dull

Blade servers are new area of interest for contractors:

Fire Alarm System Upgrades

New technologies add layers of safety and security

Steel Conduit Holds Steady

Benefits continue to follow product:

Broadband over Powerlines Picking up Speed
by Staff |

According to Energybiz, the electricity industry has viewed broadband over powerline (BPL) technology as an attractive revenue generator. Several successful technology trials of BPL systems have been conducted. The industry is exploring using BPL for a variety of applications.

Littter Bugs and Minor Offenders Beware
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According to the York Press, The United Kingdom is preparing to expand its network of "talking" surveillance cameras to 20 additional metropolitan areas, according to an announcement from Home Secretary John Reid.