Integrated electrical and low-voltage systems of all types—inside and outside a building—encompass the range of work that electrical contractors do. The articles in this section highlight different types of work, from security, fire and life safety, to traditional electrical power and distribution, to lighting, cabling and more. 

Nineteen years ago, author Spencer Johnson wrote “Who Moved My Cheese?” This book features a fable about how to cope with change.

We have all heard the phrase “That’s good enough for government work!” Whether said in jest, sarcasm or resignation, it implies you have done all you’re going to do, and the result will just have to suffice.


For local area networks that do not require certification, qualification (or performance) testing is a less expensive option for contractors to test that an installation complies with component manufacturer standards and will perform to specifications.

There’s major disruption in the electronic access control systems (EACS) market. What was once a proprietary, closed technology sector within security has opened to align with the growing internet of things (IoT), data collection and analytics.

More on Systems

Coordinating Orders

Not too long ago, electrical contracting firms only had to meet National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements and project plans and specifications when installing lighting systems.

Take out a Contract

Running a successful contracting business is a time-consuming job. You spend time marketing and selling your company to clients and then spend time operating the company, hopefully at a profit. Those of you who install fire alarm systems often treat them like other electrical projects.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

A question often asked by people in the fiber optic business is why we have so many different connectors.

Get It Done Right

In this age of e-mails, cell phones and text messages, every contracting project seems to take on an urgency.

Rising High

The drive toward high performance buildings demands the integration of diverse building systems that were not previously required to interact with one another. For example, occupancy sensors no longer control just lighting in a space. They also control the HVAC system supplying that space.

Maximize Bandwidth

Wide-area network (WAN) optimizatioN basically means maximizing bandwidth efficiency. It involves compressing data and providing quick access to certain protocols, which helps decrease the amount of communication on the network for common requests.