Integrated electrical and low-voltage systems of all types—inside and outside a building—encompass the range of work that electrical contractors do. The articles in this section highlight different types of work, from security, fire and life safety, to traditional electrical power and distribution, to lighting, cabling and more. 

I often receive data files recorded from power quality monitors to analyze the reason a piece of equipment experienced an event. This analysis is followed by determining the cause and who is to blame.

If you buy a new car in 2040, there’s a better than 50/50 chance it will be powered by electricity rather than gas.

Electronic access control is one of the most proprietary technologies (beside fire alarms) with the largest installed base of legacy equipment in the physical security industry.

Since 1999, the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code has required survivability for certain circuits that need to work during a fire. In truth, the code has always required speaker circuits serving emergency voice/alarm communications systems to meet a performance requirement for survivability. 

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Broadband over Power Line Continues to Grow

The capacity to innovate ensures longevity for any new technology; for example, broadband access continues to show its versatility and carve new inroads.

APC Helps IT Professionals in Their Data Centers

APC, a global company that offers integrated critical power and cooling services, unveiled its new Efficiency Quotient online tool to help IT professionals worldwide determine the efficiency levels of their data center.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Often at this time, we look back at the past year to see what happened and look forward to the new year, wondering what comes next. While we do that, we promise ourselves to break old, bad habits and adopt new, better ones.

U.S. Broadband Growth May Be Leveling Off
by Staff |

People are racing to install the quickest methods for accessing information over the Internet. However, the trend does not necessarily translate into unbridled growth for broadband users. At least one industry analyst is sounding cautionary bells.

Assuming Responsibility

I was at a Cracker Barrel, one of my favorite restaurants for breakfast, when the two gentlemen at the next table were approached by their waitress who informed them that she had made a mistake.

Feeling the Flow

Data centers live and die according to their ability to cool their systems. If a data center loses its ability to keep cool, then its systems will fail. Part of the data center management team’s responsibility is ensuring the systems do not get too hot.

Explosive Growth

The demand for photovoltaic (PV) systems in commercial, institutional and residential buildings continues to grow. Over the past decade, the PV industry has experienced phenomenal growth driven by environmental concerns.