With the growth in the market for the interconnected, electronic smart home, to the care and attention needing to be paid to retrofits of aging houses, there’s never a shortage of information in the residential market. Below you’ll find the residential articles from ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, covering the full residential spectrum. 

In the new reality of resilient construction, there may be no place like home. According to McGraw-Hill Construction, green-built homes will represent as much as 38 percent of the residential market by 2016.

Despite the fact that the US Census Bureau reported, at the end of 2013, that housing starts had increased 29 percent over the previous year, electrical contractors (ECs) generally agree that the residential market is not exactly taking off at rocketship pace.

SolarCity’s DemandLogic system

It seems like, every other week, a leading research lab announces a breakthrough technology to make batteries more powerful, more durable or a whole lot less expensive—after just a few more years of research and development.

It’s been said that, if you talk to three economists, you will get no less than four different and equally plausible explanations for why the economy is the way it is. This same principle could be applied to recent observations about the nation’s housing market.

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New Twists on Residential Indoor Lighting

“People are becoming more educated about the psychological effects of light,” said Ken Mackenzie, director of marketing, Lightolier.

Trends in Residential Lighting

Ask four different contractors or manufacturers what’s new on the residential lighting front and you’ll get four different answers. One may point to new fixtures, maybe a Spiderman light suspended by wire from the ceiling.

Bonding the Hot-Water Piping System
by Staff |

A simple change in construction and plumbing methods over a period of years may have resulted in many water-piping systems being inadequately bonded to the electrical system.

Florida Home Sales Gain 17 Percent in October
by Staff |

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 25 /PRNewswire/––Just like the weather, Florida's housing market showed no signs of cooling off in October.

Broadband and Home Networking Opportunities

Here’s the theory: More people are working at home. They and their children want high-speed Internet access (also known as “broadband”). Therefore, forecasters say the future will see millions of new signups for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or digital cable modem (via the cable TV company).

Home Networking without Retrofit

According to The Digital Domicile: The Exploding Market for Home Networking Technology and Services, a report by Cahner’s In-Stat Group, several factors are currently driving the home networking market in a positive direction.

TIA Expands TIA/EIA-570-A's Scope

Just last month I informed you of the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA’s) efforts to develop a specification for Building Automation Systems (BAS) for commercial buildings.