Drill Bits

Ideal Industries Inc. has expanded its offering in hole making and cutting with a broad line of flexible drill bits that enable electricians and data communications installers to drill and fish wire in one easy step. The bits are mounted in ultra-pliable shafts with holes to accommodate fishing wire on the tip and shank, making them especially effective in blind areas located behind ceilings, walls, and floors. For example, a bit can be inserted through small wall openings allowing the operator to bore holes through studs within wall cavities. Direct Info Number 200

Coaxial Crimping Tools

Gardner Bender has introduced two coaxial crimping tools with hexagon-shaped crimping jaws. The soft cushioned comfortable grip helps decrease hand fatigue. The GS-90 with a corrosive resistant, bright chrome surface is designed for the casual user. The GS-91 is intended for the professional installer, made of durable, heavy-duty construction to withstand extreme usage. Direct Info Number 201

Current-monitoring Modules

Weidmuller Inc. offers the WaveControl series of current-monitoring modules, available with either screw or tension-clamp connections. Through the constant monitoring of devices and plant components, the modules identify differences or interruptions, which occur in electrical circuits, and specific measures can be taken to remedy the problems. The modules can measure alternating or direct currents, and typically are used to monitor lighting, emergency lighting, heating elements, and motors found in a wide range of applications. Direct Info Number 202

Wire Cutter/stripper

A wire cutter/stripper that features a thumb adjustable cam for easily setting the tool to accommodate a desired wire size is offered by Xuron Corp. The Model 501 wire cutter/stripper accommodates wire sizes from 10 to 26 AWG for stripping; without requiring other tools. Ergonomically designed to fit into large and small hands comfortably, it has Xuro-Rubber cushioned hand grips and a Light-Touch return spring. Direct Info Number 203

Hydraulic Pump

Thomas & Betts has expanded its line of Color-Keyed connector tools to include the Pumpac II battery-powered hydraulic pump. Designed to meet a range of crimping needs on the job site, this powerful, portable tool delivers more than 100 crimps with a 4/0 cable and up to 70 crimps with a 750 MCM cable—all without recharging. Dual 14.4V batteries are rechargeable in one hour. Direct Info Number 204

Area Light

A choice of three vertical-lamp Square Dome optical systems from Ruud Lighting delivers uniform light for a variety of applications. Parking/Roadway (S3V) is designed for roadways, parking areas, and structure-mounted security lighting. Forward Throw (S4V) has a main beam of 67.5° providing wide lateral distribution, with an optional backlight shield accessory for additional cutoff control. Quadrate (S5V) provides symmetrical distribution, with 5x5 application spacing. Pole-mounting (closed or extended), post-top, and wall mounting (except for S5V) are available. Direct Info Number 205

Clamp-on Power Datalogger

Extech’s clamp-on power datalogger, Model 382065, measures single phase or three-phase power to 600kW. In addition to true power, it measures apparent power, power factor, true RMS voltage and current, resistance, and frequency. The combinations of measurements on the dual display include kW+PF, kVA+PF, V+A, A+Hz, or V+Hz. The built-in recorder datalogs up to 4,000 readings and a 25-point data memory can be viewed on the large four-digit LCD with fast 40-segment bar graph. Direct Info Number 206

Cordless Sawzall

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.’s new Sawzall, the Hatchet, is a compact cordless reciprocating saw. With its six-position pivoting handle, it has redefined the reciprocating saw. When in the right-angle position, at less than 13 in., it allows users to get into tight spaces such as in between wall studs or underneath a sink.
Direct Info Number 207

Fluorescent Fixtures

Hubbell Lighting has introduced two new lines of vandal-resistant fluorescents equipped with tamper-proof torx head screws and tough lens in either 0.140/ 100% DR acrylic or 0.375 polycarbonate acrylic. Performance in the fixtures is defined by specifying either an electronic or magnetic ballast, in the damp location rated Versaline recessed or Surfaceline surface-mounted fixtures. Electronic ballasts are specified with energy efficient T-8 lamps delivering

Power Supplies

Expanding its line of DIN rail mountable products for control applications, Wieland Electric Inc. has introduced the wipos series of switchmode power supplies. Designed for up to 90% efficiency and ultra fast start-up time (less than one second), the power supplies are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations in single phase or three phase versions, from 2A to 40A. Direct Info Number 210

Terminal Blocks

The Eurostyle plug terminal block with spring clamp from Molex is easily and quickly wired and may be unplugged without unwiring for replacement of faulty or damaged electronics. Applications include a wide range of industrial uses, including automation, motion, and process controls as well as telecommunications equipment, HVAC systems, and power supplies.
Direct Info Number 211

FO Test Kits

Fotec has introduced “smart” fiber optic test kits that can cut fiber optic network testing time in half by automated dual wavelength testing. The DT300 and DT3000 series kits are available for both multimode and singlemode fiber networks. Test specifications for most systems now call for dual wavelength testing. The built-in intelligence of the smart instruments make these two tests automatically. The DS3000 series sources encode wavelength information, which is recognized by the DM300 and DM3000 series power meters during testing. Direct Info Number 212

Boring Attachment

An attachment produced by McLaughlin Mfg. Co. turns a skid steer loader into a versatile earth drill. Easily assembled to the loader using a “quick-attach” system, the M-4500SS is powered by a 100 rpm@9gpm hydraulic motor that operates from the hydraulics of the loader. It installs CATV and utility lines under landscaped areas, lawns, driveways, sidewalks and bushes without costly surface damage and restoration.
Direct Info Number 213

Premium Pliers

Klein Tools has introduced its Journeyman line of premium pliers for trade professionals. The line of pliers offers contoured, cushioned handles, and high-quality design details. Two handle materials combine to give the user a better, more comfortable grip, and handle strength and durability. The soft outer handle material feels more comfortable in the hand and provides a sure grip. The tough inner material and handle ends provide ruggedness and durability.
Direct Info Number 214

Rack Screws

In a move to eliminate menial, time-consuming tasks, DataTel is now shipping its rack screws with pre-installed washers—a simple little thing that can save an enormous amount of time. Direct Info Number 215

Recognition Camera System

Panasonic’s Biometrics Group presents Authenticam, a highly versatile iris recognition camera system. It combines Panasonic’s extensive video camera expertise with Iridian Technologies’ Private ID advanced iris recognition and authentication technology to offer a secure, cost-effective alternative to passwords and personal identification numbers (PINs). The system can be used in an extensive range of cyber-security applications such as network access, automated banking, credit card authorization, health records management, and ID authentication, among others. Direct Info Number 216


Bussmann’s Safety J Fuseholder features a dual-port wire management system for simple installation of multiple loads connected to a single branch circuit (30A). A 60A version is available with single-port terminals. The unit’s compact size saves valuable panel space, and its “finger safe” design protects workers from direct or indirect contact with live parts. Mounting is convenient because the 35mm DIN rail adapter is built in and has a rail release latch so the carrier can be easily removed with a screwdriver.
Direct Info Number 217

MT-RJ Products

Fiber optic network link certification is a faster and easier process with the RIFOCS MT-RJ product line from Tempo, a Textron company. Advanced truly palm-size testing products such as the 556MT optical power meter, 225MT 1,300nm LED source, and the complementary 263MT visual fault finder eliminate the guesswork in finding optical loss problems. An 850nm LED source, the 257MT, is also available. Direct Info Number 218

Self-propelled Lift

JLG Industries, Inc. presents the model 15DVSP AXXESSOR drivable vertical stock picker designed to lift workers and products for overhead storage. With its 15-ft. platform height and 500-lbs. unrestricted platform capacity, the lift can be used to shelve and pick stock in retail locations and warehouses. It features a 28-in. x 48-in. platform with fold-back side rails for ease in moving large objects on and off the platform deck without the stress of lifting over railings. Direct Info Number 219

Cable Pusher

Arnco Corp. has introduced the Maxx-Trak MT-800, a system designed to push a variety of cables and coilable HDPE conduit products into existing HDPE or PVC conduit. The unit’s powerful hydraulic motors deliver up to 800 lbs. of push force at speeds up to 200 ft. per minute. The specialized belt design enables single conductor cables up to 1¾-in. in diameter to be pushed up to 900 ft. and secondary cable bundles up to 1½-in. to be pushed over 300 ft. in HDPE conduit.
Direct Info Number 220

Breaker Interface Panel

Astec Power has added a breaker interface panel (BIP) to its extensive lineup of telecommunications products. The BIP improves system power stability and provides a convenient, centralized location for all customer load circuit breakers. Direct Info Number 221

Remote Meter Reading

E-Mon Corp. has released a AMR system communications option, the Wireless CE-MON Key. This wireless communications device is compatible with cellular services such as Sprint, Verizon, and Voicestream using both CDMA (800MHz and 1,900MHz) and GSM data communications technologies. The device allows plant, energy, and facility managers to access data from automated metering systems via an RS-485 interface—anywhere industry-standard GSM or CDMA cellular telephone services are available. Direct Info Number 222

Switching Power Supplies

Entrelec’s switching power supplies, 5-48V DC, 0.3A-5A, now feature approval for UL 1604 Class I and II, Div. 2 Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous locations or nonhazardous locations. All models do not require current derating in UL 508 applications. Each model features DIN rail mounting for fast assembly. Power factor correction is available on several models. Each supply operates over the temperature range of 0°C to +55°C. Fused inputs on all units offer added protection. Sturdy mechanical design assures resistance to vibration and shock. Direct Info Number 223

Curing Ovens

The Light Brigade manufactures two models of fiber optic curing ovens for laboratory, manufacturing, and field applications. The T-50V-BRC programmable curing oven is a microprocessor-based ramping control oven. The standard T-50V Curing Oven provides an internal thermal coupler for temperature stability and external controls for temperature and time. The oven is designed for laboratory, manufacturing, and field use. Features include adjustable strain relief, cooling blocks, and a variety of connector adapters.
Direct Info Number 224


Magic Wand ALR12 and Magic Wand ALR18 are two new low-voltage adjustable accent lights introduced by Edison Price Lighting, designed for use on the SightLine track system with Philips aluminum reflector lamps. Measuring only 4¾-in. high, the fixtures are compact and discretely sized. They are flexible and provide optically precise lighting with superior beam control. The fixtures feature a concealed permanently-tensioned swivel that rotates up to 350° horizontally, adjusts 0° to 180° vertically, and maintains any aiming angle. Direct Info Number 225


Developed for cutting narrow straight trenches in a variety of soil types, Caterpillar trencher work tools for skid steer loaders or compact wheel loaders are designed for laying electrical, telephone, and cable lines. The trenchers are designed to operate with the skid steer loader traveling in reverse with the boom angled down between 45° and 65° from the horizontal position. These work tools are typically used in residential and commercial electrical applications.
Direct Info Number 226


Advance Transformer Co. has introduced a Mark VII 0-10V ballast for the 277V operation of four F32T8, F25T8, or F17T8 lamps. The ballast features a sleek, low-profile design, with dimensions of only 1 in. in height, 1.18 in. in width, and 16.7 in. in length, and provides an efficient input range of 116W to 25W.
Direct Info Number 227

Heat Shrink

A full line of flexible polyolefin tubing offered in many colors, sizes, and shrink ratios for splicing, protecting, and identifying wire and cable has been introduced by Nelco Products, Inc. NP-221 flexible polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing comes in 2:1 and 3:1 ratios, which shrink to fit snugly at 100°C using a standard heat gun, making it fast and easy for production applications. Rated for continuous operation from -55°C to +135°C, with excursions to +300°C, it is available in 14 expanded sizes. Direct Info Number 228

Flood Luminaire

Cooper Lighting has introduced the McGraw-Edison Vision VFS flood luminaire—an architectural floodlighting series that is powerful in performance, elegant in appearance, and offers great versatility. The series offers five distinct, fully modular, segmented optical modules: narrow flood, medium flood, wide flood, horizontal spot, and vertical flood. Direct Info Number 229

Ethernet Power Injector

Agere Systems has a single-port Orinoco Active Ethernet power injector that enables business and IT managers to reduce the cost and time required to set up enterprise-level wireless networks. Agere now offers the single-port injector for smaller wireless networks, along with its previously introduced 6-port and 12-port Active Ethernet injectors for larger wireless LANs. Active Ethernet enables an access point to obtain its power and data connection over a single standard Ethernet cable, rather than requiring two separate cables.
Direct Info Number 230