The Steel Beam flashlight series from Garrity is constructed from tough, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is stronger than aluminum. It’s available in four full-feature sizes, including the 2AA size that adds a focusing capability of spot to flood. Features include a Philips Xenon bulb that is 200% brighter than standard incandescent bulbs, an oversized reflector for maximum beam projection, and a battery holder that protects batteries against shock.
Direct Info Number 250

Shatter-resistant Fluorescents

GE Lighting has expanded its covRguard line of shatter-resistant fluorescent lamps with two new lamps—covRfresh and Gold covRguard. CovRfresh linear fluorescent lamps, ideal for grocery store and restaurant applications, combine two product attributes—shatter resistance and color enhancement. Wrapped in an exclusive amber gold polycarbonate coating, Gold covRguard lamps eliminate light leakage at the lamp end, making them ideal for a variety of UV light sensitive applications including integrated circuit manufacturing, as well as film and select food processing.
Direct Info Number 251

Digital Locator

The Verifier multiple-frequency digital pipe and cable locator by McLaughlin Mfg. Co. offers an affordable means for detecting and identifying underground utilities. The transmitter traces buried metallic utilities using any of four methods, and an optional transmitter probe enables locating nonmetallic pipe or conduit, all with precision accuracy. The Verifier broadcasts on two active frequencies of 9.5 or 38 kHz.Direct Info Number 252

Lighting Automation

Lutron Electronics Co. has introduced the digital microWATT system—a breakthrough in commercial building lighting control. An integrated lighting automation system, it provides automated on/off light switching, full-range dimming capability, precise real-time monitoring of a building’s entire lighting system, and load shedding for peak demand reduction. The system easily integrates with building automation and management systems and works seamlessly with card access and security products. Direct Info Number 253

Power Distribution System

Pulizzi Engineering has released the TPC4100 series of three-phase, high current, zero-U mounted, power distribution systems. The series is designed for either zero-U or 1-U rack mounting and provides 20A or 30A three-phase wye power input with distribution to 12 single-phase outlets rated 15A or 20A at either 120V, 240V, or a combination of the two. All this is provided in a rugged, industrialized 16 gauge steel chassis that is 19-in. wide x 1.75-in. high x 9.5-in. deep.
Direct Info Number 254

Panel Mount Connector

Bi-Tronics has introduced the solderless HD15 female connector, specifically designed to meet the needs of low voltage electrical contractors. The CD-HD15FST is a professional panel-mount high-density 15 pin female D-sub connector with a rear terminal block connection in place of the usual solder or crimp connection. This design reduces installation time and cost dramatically. The terminal block contains clearly labeled screw terminals for R, G, B, H, V, and their respective grounds, and each terminal comfortably accommodates cable sizes ranging from No. 18 AWG to No. 30 AWG. Direct Info Number 255

Coaxial Cable

Montrose/CDT offers a series of coaxial cable for DSX-3/4 central office applications that has low structural return loss. Montrose 734C and 735C coaxial cable features 35dB min. structural return loss from 5 to 150 MHz. Configurations offered range from one to 24 bundle coaxes and the 75-ohm cable has 20 AWG (734C) and 26 AWG (735C) solid silver-plated copper-covered steel conductors, foam polyolefin dielectric, and a PVC jacket.
Direct Info Number 256


Bussmann Low-Peak specification grade, all-purpose fuses offer high level short-circuit current limitation and time-delay overload protection. These circuit protection products have a high interrupting rate (IR) for all commercial and industrial applications. The fuses, with their high degree of current limitation, significantly reduce the available energy to faulted circuits and minimize arc-flash and arc-blast hazards. They also provide simple selective coordination to limit the area affected by an outage when fault occurs.
Direct Info Number 257

Interface Modules

Fiberdyne Labs’ Network Analyzer Interface Module works with leading network analyzer products from companies such as HP and Network Associates Sniffer products. The module allows for a continuous tap into customer premises wiring. It includes multimode, singlemode, or both multimode and singlemode wiring. Up to six taps are available inside the 19-in. rack mountable chassis. Termination box modules are available.
Direct Info Number 258

Optical Power Meters

Extech’s fiber Owl optical power meters, models FO600 and FO610, measure over a wide 75dB dynamic range with ±1.5dB accuracy and 0.01dB resolution. The standard power model, FO600, measures from +5dBm to -70dBm. The high power model, F610, measures from +25dBm to -50dBm making it ideal for direct measurements of laser output power. A user-friendly interface with alpha numeric membrane keypad permits easy input of test parameters including site name, date, fiber type, fiber length, and connectors and splices.
Direct Info Number 259

Distribution Center

A complete pre-assembled electrical distribution center that is adaptable to any size project, PowerWall from Hill Phoenix reduces project cycle time for new building construction or remodels. Applications include supermarkets, commercial, data centers, warehouses, and light manufacturing buildings. Designed for creative building location placement inside a wall, PowerWall is a high-quality, low-cost solution that frees up valuable floor space.
Direct Info Number 260

Compression Tool

Thomas & Betts has expanded its line of Color-Keyed products with the new Battpac LT handheld compression tool. Offering six tons of crimping force, this lightweight, battery-powered tool allows single-handed operation for maximum ease, comfort, and jobsite flexibility. The tool’s integral rotating crimping head facilitates access in confined work spaces, while the maximum pressure relief valve ensures correct crimping. Suitable for use with copper connectors up to 500 MCM and aluminum connectors up to 350 MCM, it features a quiet, vibration-free crimping cycle for smooth installations.
Direct Info Number 261


Wavetek Meterman has introduced its XT line of handheld digital multimeters (DMMs) and component testers. The multipurpose XT line is comprised of five different DMMs, each with an impressive feature set that includes capabilities such as AC and DC current, voltage functions, capacitance, frequency, continuity, and more. Inductance and logic test functions along with a “max hold” feature are included on the 27XT and a temperature feature is on the 28XT.
Direct Info Number 262

Downlighting Fixtures

Ardee Lighting’s Varianti and Focus adjustable and fixed recessed downlights with coordinating trims provide crisp, high performance illumination and a clean, finished appearance for a range of contract and upscale residential environments. The adjustable Varianti is ideally suited for providing highly directional illumination to accent artwork, architectural features, and the like. The fixed Focus provides general, recessed illumination in hallways, conference rooms, reception, and hospitality areas.
Direct Info Number 263

Support Clamp

The UFCN is a new support accessory for Cablofil wire cable tray that attaches to support posts in raised access floor installations. Its snap-on-and-bolt design makes installation quick and easy. The UFCN is a corrosion-resistant clamp that includes all bolts and nuts needed for attachment to both square and round support posts. The highly adjustable clamp will adapt to any under floor installation.
Direct Info Number 264

Mobile Computing

Dexter + Chaney has launched mobile computing technology for its Forefront construction management software for electrical contractors. The initial mobile computing application, Forefront Job Cost/Payroll, enables project managers and other field personnel to conveniently record information onto a handheld organizer at the job site and synchronize with the main office at the touch of a button. Handheld technology is made for querying and repetitive data entry-type tasks. Using this technology while in the field, you can gather information, and get information back, on how your job is progressing.
Direct Info Number 265

Multifunction Meter

Ideal Industries has unveiled its model 61-521 phase & motor rotation meter, the latest member of its extensive specialty test equipment family. Designed for testing motors and motor starters ranging up to 600V, the meter provides three troubleshooting functions in a single unit—indicating three-phase sequence, indicating motor rotation, and checking for open phases. Identifying correct phase sequency and motor rotation is critical to ensuring fast, simple and trouble-free service of three-phase motors. It also prevents damage to costly motor components due to improper wiring.
Direct Info Number 266

Circular Connectors

ITT Industries, Cannon offers rugged, easy-to-assemble circular connectors designed for high reliability industrial and commercial applications. The MIL-C-5015-style CA A&B interconnect features fixed (non-rotating) machined electrical contacts. The advantage of a fixed contact system is that it offers customers reduced assembly time and lower cost. The contacts are also silver-plated, which makes them especially durable and damage resistant.
Direct Info Number 267

Terminal Blocks

Designed for high-volume PC Board wiring applications, Wieland Electric’s 8195 Series is a modular PCB terminal block featuring a slice design which allows for an unlimited number of pole configurations. The four-tier block, which is 43.7mm high, distributes wire connections vertically to conserve board space. Stacking the rows of screw clamp termination points gives the PC board terminal block a tiered configuration that allows design engineers to achieve high-density wire connections while in a limited board surface area. Direct Info Number 268

Lighting Panels

Tivoli’s Starlite panels are available in UL fire-rated, self-extinguishing polycarbonate stars; acoustical gypsum graphically-designed metal or custom panel materials. Illumination is provided by half-watt low-voltage long-life incandescent lamps, wired in series. The number of lamps per square foot can be specified as required to achieve the desired effect. Direct Info Number 269

Seismic Telecommunications Rack

Panduit’s seismic telecommunications equipment racks are available in 23-in. and 19-in. versions. They are designed to serve as the primary support structure for splicing and termination enclosures, cable management, and active equipment. Racks conform to all the requirements of EIA/TIA 310-D, except for inside clearance, and are designed to meet Telcordia R-63-CORE Seismic Zone 4 requirements with a load rating of 500 lbs. Direct Info Number 270

Motion Sensor

The Watt Stopper has introduced its WR residential motion sensor, offering occupancy-based lighting control to keep lights off in vacant rooms, for homeowners. Using advanced passive infrared technology, the WR detects occupants within a room and turns the lights on. When the person leaves the room, and the sensor’s time delay elapses, it switches lighting off.
Direct Info Number 271

Video Splitters

Leviton Voice & Data Division offers high- frequency passive video splitter modules. Designed for placement in a home media enclosure such as Leviton’s Structured Media centers, these 2.05GHz modules distribute digital cable, cable TV, and off-air antenna signals to four, six, or eight televisions throughout the home of office. Each module comes with a sturdy mounting bracket; 75-ohm termination caps, die-cast housing and printed circuit board construction. All three modules snap easily into enclosures, or adapt for simple wall mounting. Also available is a video amplifier which increases video signal strength up to 25 dB and features a variable attenuator for signal amplification level setting.
Direct Info Number 272

Clamp Meters

Fluke Corp. has introduced its 330 series of clamp meters. They include the 333, 334, 335, 336, and 337 models, manufactured with an integrated circuit/software system designed specifically for clamp meters. Key features include: a compact body and jaws that can accommodate large conductors; one-hand operated meter controls; a large, back-lit display; and an auto shut-off.
Direct Info Number 273

Storage Products

Greenlee Textron offers a line of storage products. Their wide range provides users with a tougher, more secure solution for storage of their tools and equipment. Most models feature dual, recessed lock enclosures to prevent thieves from drilling out locks. There’s no access for bolt cutters either. For even more security, continuous, non-removable pin hinges are used. The storage boxes have a full-width, grooved-edge lid, which provides an easy grip, no matter where the user stands.
Direct Info Number 274

Emergency Pull Stations

Dortronics Systems’ 6510 series emergency pull stations are designed to complement card access door systems by providing a highly efficient means of emergency egress. They give users the ability to exit a building in the event of an emergency without the need for a card key, and without disabling the entire system. Once the pull station is activated, the affected door can be set to sound an alarm but remain open until security personnel reset the pull station.
Direct Info Number 275

Power Systems

Eaton Corp. has introduced a Cutler-Hammer intelligent loadcenter that enables simple, affordable energy management and home automation. Designed for new construction and retrofit applications, the Advanced Power System (APS) is available in pre-configured packages that can “future-ready” a home and simplify the installation for a builder, home automation installer, or electrical contractor. The APS package allows the user to monitor and manage power consumption, create lighting scenes and control loads from remote locations.
Direct Info Number 276

Fire Detection

Notifier has launched its new line of technologically innovative fire detection products—the Onyx Series. It includes fire alarm control panels and peripherals such as detectors, power supplies, and audio transponders. All have a sleek black patterned look, along with new state-of-the-art network, panel and peripheral device designs. The series offers simpler installation, programming, troubleshooting and training, resulting in lower overall costs.
Direct Info Number 277

Linear Lighting

Kenall Manufacturing has added Millenium Stretch to its architectural high abuse and rough service architectural lighting products. The low-profile linear fluorescent series is ideal for lighting applications requiring attractive, tough, and efficient luminaires. It is available in 8-in. and 12-in. widths with a choice of 2-ft. and 4-ft. lengths for wall, ceiling, and corner mount installations in single or row mount configurations.
Direct Info Number 278

Cable Wrap

M.M. Newman Corp. has a line of spirally cut Teflon cable wrap and abrasion protector for wire bundles that are used in “enclosed space” applications. Heli-Tube spirally cut Teflon cable wrap and abrasion protector helps protect wire bundles that are routed through chassis from chafing caused by vibration and rubbing against metal edges. Simple to apply like tape, this nonflammable wrap creates a protective outer layer, is chemically insert, and operates over a -450°F to 500°F range.
Direct Info Number 279

Lighting Systems

Day-Brite Lighting has introduced WattWatcher, a series of industrial and outdoor lighting systems that increases efficacy and lumen maintenances and provides faster start-up and re-strike time, while offering substantial energy savings. The WattWatcher series includes high bay, low bay, immediate flood, and large wall lighting.
Direct Info Number 280

Circuit Board

Leviton’s Intellicircuit transformer-less series circuit board eliminates the need for transformers in low-voltage lighting fixtures. The dimmable device works with various Leviton lampholders and any standard Leviton dimmer, and can be used to replace existing transformer-based applications. It features a PC board with electronic components that permit one light to go out, while the remaining four lamps stay lit in a five-light configuration. In a 10-light configuration, if two lamps go out, the remaining eight stay lit.
Direct Info Number 281

Power Supplies

American Reliance has released its line of SPS 1200 Watt programmable Switchmode power supplies. The SPS line showcases a newer, sleeker look, increased wattage, and at 16.9-in. in depth, features the smallest form factor of programmable switching power supplies. The line has the ability to control up to 31 individual slave units through one master unit.
Direct Info Number 282

Cable Reel

The Hannay NSCR700 cable reel features a compact design with a sturdy, narrow frame for use with live electrical cable. It can be mounted in confined spaces and is ideal for use with power tools, lights, machinery, and generators. A heavy-duty spring motor provides self-contained rewind power, with a non-sparking ratchet assembly that locks the reel when the desired length of cable is payed out. The reel houses a standard 45A, three-conductor, 600V collector assembly with No. 8 gauge wiring from the collector ring to the junction box. Direct Info Number 283

Media Converters

Transition Networks presents two PointSystem chassises and several additions to the PointSystem product family that will provide more flexibility for smaller applications and small offices. The system is a high-density, multiprotocol and multimedia converter mounting option, FocalPoint management software and a suite of media converters.
Direct Info Number 284

Fiber Optic Test Kits
Fotec has introduced a series of low cost fiber optic test kits that offer high performance and simplified data storage. The DT500 test kits are designed for testing fiber optic networks and cable plants, either multimode or singlemode. They combine a DM310 Smart FO power meter with its automation and data acquisition features with a low cost mini source. The kit can store data from up to 500 tests on 250 cables and transfer the data to a PC.
Direct Info Number 285

Cable Ties/Mounts

A full line of cable ties and mounts for bundling, organizing, and marking wires, cables, and tubing inside equipment throughout the plant of job site is available from Nelco Products. Ties are offered in a wide range of styles, colors, materials, and UV stabilized versions with custom marking and imprinting for virtually any application. Accessories include twin-strip adhesive-backed mounts for cable ties used in control panels, cradle- and low-profile mounts with pre-drilled holes that attach with a screw, various push mounts which lock into holes, and clips for securing round and flat cable.
Direct Info Number 286

Extension Light

McGill has a compact solution to the challenges of lighting confined areas—the model 5330 fluorescent extension light. Able to be carried and used virtually anywhere, it emanates soft, glare-free fluorescent lighting that is exceptionally energy-efficient. Measuring only 22 in. long, it is especially effective in tight, restricted spaces where normally only a hand lamp could be relied upon. The light has no exposed metal parts, and features an impact-resistant plastic outer lamp that remains cool even after hours of use.
Direct Info Number 287


TradePower offers the latest release of its e-procurement solutions suite for contractors. PowerStation 7.0 allows simple, direct communication between contractors and their suppliers for instant material price and availability information, and online procurement, 24/7. With PowerStation, contractors can dramatically reduce turnaround times for purchase orders and requisitions, decrease backorders and multiple purchase orders, and eliminate redundant data entry.
Direct Info Number 288

Strobe Light

Lumastrobe presents its Mini Series “D” cell powered warning light, Model M-5. It is a waterproof flasher with a single directional (180°) fresnel lens and with five super LED lamps. The flash rate is 60 flashes per minute and an average flash time of 120-180 hours using two “D” cell alkaline batteries. It features an external push button on/ off switch, magnetic base and a top steel triangular loop for hanging. Direct Info Number 289