Impact Wrench

FCI’s Racine 7/16-in. hydraulic impact wrench offers the Gerotor motor, providing two to three times more horsepower than typical gas-powered products. The power is very controlled and less vibration is transmitted to the tool that’s being driven. The result is less loosening of tool components and less damage to driven items. The shaft seal on the motor eliminates failures due to improper disconnection or high backpressure.
Direct Info Number 215


A low-cost switch for workgroup connectivity to fiber-based LANs is available from 3M. The Volition mini-switch enables groups of computers with copper NICs to connect to a fiber optic network. With a Fast Ethernet VF-45 fiber uplink and eight RJ-45 copper ports, the mini-switch enables computer users in remote rooms to connect to a network up to 2,000 meters (6,562 ft.) away—making it ideal for many classroom, office, and manufacturing environments.
Direct Info Number 216

Speed Spray

Hilti Speed Spray is an improved formulation of the CP 672 firestop. Rated up to two hours, the all-purpose firestop joint spray can be used in top-of-wall, curtain wall, and wall-to-wall applications. It can be easily applied to concrete, masonry, and gypsum wall assemblies with quick water cleanup. The speed cure additive dries up faster and provides class III seismic movement. It is non-toxic, UL-classified, and FM approved.
Direct Info Number 217

Universal Tool

Sargent’s Uni-Seal is a universal tool for RG6 and RG59 male F environmental compression connectors. The tool incorporates high mechanical advantage to reduce compression force during connector installation, while its ergonomic design minimizes user fatigue. A toggle action is used to ensure complete connector sealing, which removes the need for a complicated ratchet mechanism. The cable positioner provides 360° connector support during compression, eliminating faulty compressions such as tight nuts, bent connectors, or popped o-rings.
Direct Info Number 218

Junction Boxes

Cooper Crouse-Hinds has expanded its line of cast-iron, weatherproof junction boxes. The W-series raintight, heavy-duty boxes are offered with flanged or unflanged covers in five different styles. They are used to house electrical wiring in various applications, such as bridges, tunnels, convention centers, and stadiums. Often buried or encased in concrete, the boxes stand up to years of weather and abuse.
Direct Info Number 219

Laser Alignment System

Pacific Laser Systems introduced its PLS5X professional interior-exterior laser alignment system for plumb, level, and square layout. Partnered with a laser detector, the system has the ability to accurately layout a job site up to 250 ft. outdoors even in the brightest sunlight. The laser can be used inside without a receiver for all your point-to-point alignment tasks.
Direct Info Number 220

Digital Multimeter

The Model MX 51EX from AEMC is an intrinsically safe digital multimeter used in dangerous or explosive atmospheres. This instrument is considered a passive device without inductive or capacitive issues that are problematic in such environments. The 5,000-count meter measures AC and DC volts, AC and DC current, resistance, continuity, and logic level, and performs diode tests. It meets EN 50-014 and EN 50-020 standards and temperature class T6.
Direct Info Number 2213

T8 Ballast Line

Universal Lighting Technologies has expanded its new generation of low-profile Triad electronic linear fluorescent ballasts for T8 lamps. It now includes the low power “l” series of models for maximum energy saving applications. The design of the “L” models takes advantage of new component technology to bring the user a smaller lighter-weight ballast that reduces energy consumption. The two-four lamp features parallel lamp operation and a standard mounting footprint and wiring for ease of replacement.
Direct Info Number 222

Purchasing Software

TradePower has announced its latest estimating software release, Estimation 7.0 and its purchasing and materials management software, PowerPro 7.0. The new releases provide complete software integration capabilities for streamlined processes and real-time transactions with suppliers through the TradePower online exchange.

Estimation allows contractors to automate the bidding process and integrate their estimating processes with purchasing and accounting systems. PowerPro allows contractors to produce and track purchase orders and requisitions, manage materials and backorders, and import and export price and data to both estimating and accounting systems.
Direct Info Number 223

Non-metallic Control Stations

Unlike conventional metallic control stations, Appleton’s Intraground Series control stations feature an enclosure constructed from high-strength thermoplastic polyethermide, enabling them to withstand crushing impact, corrosive elements, and flames. The control stations carry a heavy-duty 10A, 600V rating and are for use with ½-in. and ¾-in. threaded metal conduit. Dead-end and feed-through designs are available, as are models for Class I, Division I and Division II hazardous locations.
Direct Info Number 224

Surveillance Cameras

Panasonic Security Systems Group has released the WV-CP240 Series color cameras and WV-BP140 Series B&W cameras. The cameras offer enhanced performance to provide security professionals with an economical solution for a variety of surveillance applications. The WV-CP240 series provide 480 lines of resolution in as little as 2 lux when used with a F1.4 lens and 0.6 lux when used with a FO.75 lens. The WV-BP140 series incorporate a 1/3-in. CCD producing 380 lines of resolution with a minimum illumination of only 0.08 lux at F1.4. Both units have excellent low light performance.
Direct Info Number 225

Extension Cord Receptacles

The Heyco Tri-Tap Premold is a sturdy, compact multiple-piece unit that reduces the number of crimp connections by manufacturers on an extension cord from nine to three, for a typical three-plug head. They are a vital component in the manufacture of “female” electrical receptacle ends of outdoor, commercial, and residential extension cords and carry a capacity rating of 125V and 15A.
Direct Info Number 226

Lead Section For Uncased Bores

A practical solution for achieving straight-line accuracy with uncased bores has been developed by McLaughlin Manufacturing. Uncased bores are always difficult because the auger invariably drifts or changes direction during the bore. The new lead section keeps uncased bores on target in varying ground conditions.

A 48-in. long Schedule 40 casing fitted with a bushing-mounted 48-in. lead auger and special sized cutting head guides the uncased bore in a straight line to the exit side. Available in sizes for 4-in. to 12-in. auger boring, the lead section can be quickly disassembled for cleaning and bushing replacement.
Direct Info Number 227

Thermoplastic Reels

Vandor Corp. has introduced two TRA (tension rod assembled) reels with 16-in. and 18-in. flange diameters with 8-in. cores. They are constructed with recycled thermoplastic resin and are designed to replace traditional plywood reels. TRA reels are assembled through the use of a tension rod and locking ramp assembly system.
Direct Info Number 228

LED Light Strips

LEDtronics combines the reliability of LEDs with a flexible carrier to provide dependable illumination for chanel letters and similar signage applications. In addition to reducing power usage by 80% to 90%, PathLEDs eliminate many of the shortcomings of neon or fluorescent lamps such as heat, broken tubes, and ballast failures. Individual LEDs feature 140°-wide viewing angles and emit bright illumination that fills the entire letterform.
Direct Info Number 229

Wire Connectors

King Safety Products has launched SafetyGuard twist-on connectors. The connectors twist on easier, draw the wires deeper, and are pre-filled with an insulating safety sealant engineered to resist flashover, internal arcing, sparking, corrosion, and potential for fire. These cooler, more energy-efficient connectors are compliant with universal industry color codes.
Direct Info Number 230

Modular Adapter

Ideal Industries Inc. has enhanced their line of testing equipment for the communications professional with the Smart6 modular adapter designed to make voice testing fast and trouble-free. Reverse wired for testing voice circuits without service interruptions, this in-line telephone test adapter provides six position test pads for hooking up test equipment.

A test circuit with LED displays indicators for polarity, jack addresses, and incoming call identification. The oversized, perforated test pads guarantee secure attachment of test probes and alligator clips.
Direct Info Number 231

Vibratory Plow

The Vermeer compact and maneuverable SP-11 walk-behind vibratory plow is capable of increasing operator productivity on a variety of jobs, including irrigation and service-line installations such as cable TV, electric, phone, gas, or water. With a width of 35.5-in., this machine fits through yard gates and maneuvers around confined residential sites with ease.

A pivoting blade allows for a tighter turning radius and offers a cover depth of up to 12-in. The rear blade design with removable chute enables operators to plow in existing connections from the pedestal to the home, allowing for greater versatility in plow applications.
Direct Info Number 232


McGill’s Lockbox lockable enclosure fits over and secures the plug of virtually any cord-connected device. The lockbox allows personnel to work safely and confidently on electrical equipment without fear of unexpected or unauthorized start-up. The device can be secured with cable ties or up to two padlocks, and is in compliance with OSHA standards.
Direct Info Number 233

Field Termination Kit

The Siemon Co. introduced its new MT-RJ field termination kit, which dramatically improves system performance and increases installation yield rates. The kit features a complete set of high quality termination tools along with a compact visual fault locator. This palm-size dual-laser light source launches visible light into the connector, which can be used to identify conditions that degrade connector performance, such as openings or breaks in fiber.
Direct Info Number 234

Seismic-rated Enclosure

Chatsworth Products Inc. presents a seismic-rated addition to the MegaFrame family of cabinet solutions. The compliant cabinet offers companies peace of mind in areas of high seismic activity. Zone 4 Compliant to Bellcore’s GR-63-CORE, section, for Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS), the Seismic Frame cabinet system has been tested to withstand the stress of an 8.3 Richter scale earthquake.
Direct Info Number 235

Ceiling Fan

Regency Ceiling Fans offer the Solaira ceiling fan, a clean, contemporary design featuring traditional, downward light plus soft Mood Glow lighting for subtle elegance. When used alone, the Mood Glow upward-facing light creates a cozy atmosphere by gently illuminating the ceiling with soft light. Dual lighting circuits allow independent control for the traditional downward-facing light. The powerful 188 x 20 mm motor provides a significant breeze even in large areas.
Direct Info Number 236

Lighting Streamer

Duraline presents the Enviro-Light 753 vapor-proof lighting streamer. It delivers reliable illumination for a wide range of worksites, including construction sites, factory assembly areas, chemical plants, temporary staging, convention centers, subways, roadways, and tunnels. Features include watertight construction, which eliminates problems associated with oil, moisture, and water. The unit can be surface-mounted at any angle.
Direct Info Number 237


ICC has released the 8-ft. length raceway channel as part of the expanding raceway solution. This raceway, which complements the existing 6-ft. length raceway family, uses an adhesive-backed, one-piece design for easy installation and cable routing. With the 6 and 8-ft. lengths, ICC now provides raceway accommodation for the two typical floor-to-ceiling heights in buildings.
Direct Info Number 238

Spirally Cut Wrap

A new line of spirally cut expandable plastic wrap in sizes up to 4-in. O.D. for protecting large hydraulic and pneumatic hoses from abrasion is being introduced by M.M. Newman Corp. Heli-Tube super large spirally cut wrap is offered in 2-in., 3-in., and 4-in. D.D. sizes with ¼-in. thick walls for protecting and bundling hoses up to 12-in. O.D. Developed for use in extreme off-road environments, this extra large wrap is available in natural and UV-resistant black polyethylene and custom colors in continuous lengths up to 45 ft. long, or cut to order.
Direct Info Number 239


The Wedge Light (WAC/WPR Series) from Ruud Lighting features distinctive architectural styling and its DeltaGuard finish, in black or white, can be augmented with an optional red or gray stripe. Choose from two optical systems, area cutoff (WAC) or parking/roadway (WPR), for either pole- or wall-mounted applications. The WAC Series uses the forward-throw area cutoff reflector that provides wide lateral distribution. The WPR Series features the parking/roadway reflector that produces wide side-to-side and moderate front light distribution.
Direct Info Number 240

Rotary Hammers

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. has introduced four new 1½-in. rotary hammers, models 5315-21, 5315-22, 5321-21, and 5321-22, with the best power-to-weight ratio. Their 11.0-amp motors have a high amp rating and deliver the highest blow energy and highest BPM in the 1½-in. class. The Vibration Isolation System, ergonomic cushioned grip, and low weight (13.7 lbs.) provide comfort for users. These tools drill ½-in. to 19/16-in. anchor holes, and clearance holes for pipe and conduit in concrete walls or floors.
Direct Info Number 241

Explosionproof Enclosures

Adalet’s explosion-proof enclosures are suitable for housing IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) style motor starters and combination starters. The hazardous location enclosures are offered both with and without a motor starter or a combination motor starter/circuit breaker. Enclosures range in size from 8-in. x 8-in. x 4-in. up to 12-in. x 18-in. x 6-in. and can accommodate the installation of a variety of explosion-proof operator devices and accessories.
Direct Info Number 242

Optical Fiber Tube Gripper

Richco Inc. offers the optical fiber tube gripper saddle for a single-hole mount (OFTGSP). The OFTGSP is designed to snap into a .250-in. diameter hole in a .093-in. thick panel. The design, which provides ridges inside the holding portion of the clip, match up to the grooves of the optical fiber bend limiting tubing (OFBLT). This ridge provides strain relief protection and prohibits the tubing from being pulled out of the clip.
Direct Info Number 243

Underfloor Duct

Thomas & Betts presents a comprehensive line of Steel City underfloor duct solutions to meet the diverse wire management needs of commercial construction projects. Designed for extensive power, voice, and data applications, the one-piece, multi-compartment duct saves labor while significantly reducing installation and material costs. Ideal for retail/office settings, casinos, airports, and other locations requiring a high-capacity, flexible wiring system, the line includes conventional and cellular underfloor duct, casino duct, trench duct, and wall duct for hospital and other health care applications.
Direct Info Number 244

Terminal Block

Weidmuller Inc. introduced the LX 15.00, a 600V PCB terminal block designed specifically for high current and large wire gauge applications. The terminal is designed for unrestricted use in drives technology, frequency converters, and power supply applications. With its non-limited rating of 600 volts/85 amps, it can be used in high current applications previously fulfilled only by barrier strip terminals or other custom connection systems.
Direct Info Number 245

Low Voltage Pendants

W.A.C. Lighting has unveiled contemporary designs in its line of low voltage pendants. They include blue swirl glass, green swirl glass, and clear swirl glass. Other new glass designs include powder blue and frosted white cylinder. The blue swirl/opal design features a hand-applied swirl of color for a “euro” touch that adds panache to a basic snifter style.
Direct Info Number 246

Digital Power Supply

BK Precision Corp. has added the Model 1652 digital triple output power supply to its expanding product line. Using a standard 115VAC outlet as the power source, the bench top units provide variable voltage outputs of 0VAC to 23VDC, and up to 0.5A at continuous operation. The power supply features a large, easy-to-read front-panel-mounted precision digital meter that displays voltage or current readings.
Direct Info Number 247