Silent Knight by Honeywell announced the Knight School series of educational seminars covering introductory fire alarm information to hands-on technical training on the latest IntelliKnight systems from Silent Knight.

The free Fire Drill course offers a one-day overview of basic fire alarm technology and application with an introduction to IntelliKnight systems. Experienced technicians seeking advanced instruction on IntelliKnight systems, including programming and trouble-shooting, are encouraged to attend the two-day Tech Ed course. Successful course completion qualifies attendees for continuing education credits (CEUs).

The following are upcoming Knight School courses planned throughout the United States:

Date Location Course Name Cost
June 8 Northford, CT Fire Drill Free
June 9 Northford, CT Tech Ed. $200
June 8 Pittsburgh, PA Fire Drill Free
June 9 Pittsburgh, PA Tech Ed. $200
June 22 Tampa, FL Fire Drill Free
June 23 Tampa, FL Tech Ed. $200
June 27 Buffalo, NY Fire Drill Free
June 28 Buffalo, NY Tech Ed. $200
June 27 Seattle, WA Fire Drill Free
June 28 Seattle, WA Tech Ed. $200
August 10 Anaheim, CA Fire Drill Free
August 11 Anaheim, CA Tech Ed. $200
August 10 Washington, D.C. Fire Drill Free
August 11 Washington, D.C. Tech Ed. $200
August 24 St. Louis, MO Fire Drill Free
August 25 St. Louis, MO Tech Ed. $200
August 24 Boise, ID Fire Drill Free
August 25, 26 Boise, ID Tech Ed. $200
September 14 Nashville, TN Fire Drill Free
September 15 Nashville, TN Tech Ed. $200
September 14 North Jersey, NJ Fire Drill Free
September 15 North Jersey, NJ Tech Ed. $200
September 28 New Orleans, LA Fire Drill Free
September 29, 30 New Orleans, LA Tech Ed. $200
October 26 Chicago, IL Fire Drill Free
October 27, 28 Chicago, IL Tech Ed. $200
October 26 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Fire Drill Free
October 27, 28 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Tech Ed. $200

All Knight School courses train on the IntelliKnight line of non-proprietary fire alarm systems sold over-the-counter at security equipment distributors nationwide. For groups with specific needs, custom on-site training is also available. Visit for more training program details and to register online.