Extension Lights

McGill 5025-SRG extension lights feature long-life Levolier switches and are UL-listed and CSA certified to withstand the most adverse industrial applications, indoors and outdoors. They combine an impact-resistant thermoplastic handle with a zinc-plated, 10-gauge steel cage for the ultimate in durability. The cage enables the light to be accurately positioned on virtually any level surface. In addition, speedier relamping is achieved through the cage’s easy-open design. Direct Info Number 226

Cargo Bed

Durakon Industries offers its CargoPro roll-out cargo bed for construction applications. It is a commercial quality roll-out cargo system that facilitates storage and retrieval of construction equipment from a standing position at the tailgate. This time-saving feature eliminates the need to crawl into truck beds on hands and knees, significantly improving the functionality of pickup trucks. Direct Info Number 227


RF Connectors has released the RSA-3000-I connector as part of their expanding sub-miniature line of SMA, SMB, MB, MCX, and miniature pin plugs and receptacles. SMA connectors are used in high frequency and microwave applications where small size and performance are required of components. This SMA straight crimp plug for LMR-400 or Belden 7810A cable features Teflon insulation, gold-plated contact, and nickel-plated body. Direct Info Number 228

Networking Equipment

Unicom presents their industrial networking equipment—The INDomation series, (Industrial Networking Devices). An extremely reliable family of industrial grade Ethernet equipment, it includes switches, converters, and structured cabling systems. The 10/100 Ethernet switches are the first in the series to be released. They are designed to withstand the harsh environments of virtually all industrial applications; they operate on a 24V DC power source, via a Phoenix type connector, with an operating temperature range up to 60°C. They include an easily accessible front panel with angled RJ45 ports to eliminate dust and grime build-up and to relieve strain on the patch cords. Direct Info Number 229

Wire Tracker

GB Instruments has introduced two Wire Trackers which trace unenergized, installed wires or cables, and distinguish between multiple wire terminations. Application-specific plugs are built into the transmitter to easily connect to coaxial cables, telephone wiring, Cat. 5 data cables, unenergized electrical wiring, or automotive wiring.
Direct Info Number 230

LED Displays

American Bright’s surface mount single digit LED display series BS-C27 features a flat pad design with an internal connection that eliminates the need for leads. The leadless design allows for automatic pick’n’-place insertion, reducing both time and assembly costs associated with manual hand placement. With a thickness of only 4 mm and a character height of 7.00 mm, the series is ideally suited for compact devices requiring digital numerical display capabilities such as cellular phones, pagers, and mobile communications.
Direct Info Number 231

Vertical Lamped Area Lighting

Lithonia Lighting has introduced the KVF series of vertical lamped area lighting specifically designed for large areas where safety and security are important considerations to property owners. The KVF is available in both flat lens and drop lens configurations and a choice of six distribution patterns—symmetric square, asymmetric forward throw, forward throw automotive, and roadway types R2, R3, and R4.
Direct Info Number 232

GPS System

FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. offers instant competitive advantage with its fleet management system that provides company owners and fleet managers with active, real-time automatic vehicle location (AVL) and comprehensive “passive” vehicle data based on GPS satellite signals in one customer-defined solution package. Direct Info Number 233

Ballast Line

Lutron Electronics Co. presents an expanded electronic fluorescent dimming ballast selection with the T5-HO Hi-lume and Eco-10 dimming ballast lines. Both lines are available in 120V and 277V models. The dimming ballast offers continuous flicker-free 1% dimming for one- and two-lamp applications with 54W, T5 high output linear fluorescent lamps, while the Eco-10 provides smooth, consistent dimming to 10% with one or two lamps per ballast. Direct Info Number 234

Fiber Optic Transmission

American Fibertek presents a series of low-cost fiber optic transmission systems for CCTV systems applications that deliver near-broadcast quality and very high density. The versatile 30, 33, and 33S three channel FM video transmission systems are designed to offer transparent operation with virtually all manufacturers’ CCTV cameras and monitors. In addition to their compatibility, the units are offered in high-density rack cards. Direct Info Number 235

Night Vision Camera

The EX36 night vision corner camera from Extreme CCTV is designed to provide superb optics of the entire room including all four of its walls and every square foot of floor space on a day/night basis, even in the pitch black of darkness. The camera’s night vision capability and design for safety make it the preferred specification for video monitoring in prison cells and hospital care rooms. Safety features include a no-grip design, flush mount detailing and recessed safety screws, tough polycarbonate windows.
Direct Info Number 236

Conduit Support

The Caddy CS812 screw-on conduit support clip from Erico accommodates 1/2-in. and 3/4-in. EMT conduit and MC/AC cable and eliminates offset bending of conduit. An alignment tab positively locates the fastener on the stud, keeping conduit in line with box knockouts. With an improved design, two clips can be ganged together to easily line up conduit with the second and third box knockouts. Direct Info Number 237

Deceleration Lanyard

Klein Tools’ Klein-Lite twin-leg deceleration lanyard is designed for use by construction, electrical, communications, and maintenance professionals in 100% tie-off fall-arrest systems. The lanyard (model No. 87475) is engineered to allow one lanyard leg to always be connected to an anchorage point while a working position is being changed. Direct Info Number 238

Ultra-compact Fixture

Dubbed “the egg” because of its shape, this ultra-compact fixture from Hadco measures just 21/2-in. deep and 2-in. wide, making it one of the smallest landscape fixtures available. The slender body is solidly constructed of die-cast brass with cast brass fasteners used throughout for protection against corrosion. It is rated up to a 20W low-voltage MR-8 lamp that produces a powerful flood pattern suitable for illuminating gardens, architectural features, and signage. Direct Info Number 239

Safety Bag

Leviton’s Industrial Products Division offers a power safety bag equipped with select industrial-grade devices that enhance personnel safety on any job site. The bag is made from heavy-duty, waterproof, high-visibility yellow marine vinyl fabric. Light weight and highly portable, it comes complete with a range of safety devices including manual reset 3-ft. GFCI cordset with a 15A/125V Wetguard plug and connector that’s compliant with OSHA regulations.
Direct Info Number 240

Estimating Software

McCormick Systems has rolled out its Version 6.5 upgrade—incorporating ideas generated by its customers and in-house programmers. Included is Power Probes Plus, the estimating take-off device, now fully compliant with Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows 95/98/ME. Estimators can now resize the bid summary screen, and the label screen, increasing estimating productivity—enabling them to quickly get a clear view of larger jobs. “Audit trail” settings are more flexible. Estimators who settled on fixed settings for this function can now “set it once and forget it”—the settings stay in place from day to day. Direct Info Number 241

Metal Detector

First Edition Products has introduced the Metal Detector, a tool that solves the common problem of finding metal objects in walls, ceilings, floors, and other structures. Large metal objects can be detected in structures up to 16-in. thick.
Direct Info Number 242

Miniature BNC

Trompeter Electronics has added a miniature BNC connector that allows for 40% greater connector density in a given area. Designed for telco central office DS3 applications, the 250 Series (M-BNC) delivers excellent frequency response over an extended bandwidth and uses industry standard installation tools. It features true 75* impedance throughout the entire frequency range of DS3 products, and delivers outstanding return loss performance. Direct Info Number 243

Connectors and Cables

Mencom Corp. offers device net connectors and cables for bus systems. The connectors have oil-resistant PVC bodies and are available with single or double ended trunk (thick) or drop (thin) cables. Standard construction includes gold plated copper alloy contacts, metal coupling nuts, and oil-resistant gray PVC jacketed cables. Connectors are rated at -40°C to +80°C. Standard cable lengths include trunk cables in 1, 2, 5, and 10 meter lengths; and single and double ended cables in 1, 2, 5, and 10 meter lengths. Direct Info Number 244

Robotic Connectors

The Compact Robotic Connector (CRC) system from Molex provides a standardized power and signal interface for factory automation applications such as small robots and other motor-driven equipment. At 1/15th the size of traditional heavy-duty rectangular I/O robotic connectors, the system represents a smaller new form factor that also helps simplify cabling. The system is available in wire-to-panel and wire-to-wire applications. The system offers the combined features of 7A, shielding and high density 3.00mm grid packaging in up to 30 circuits. Direct Info Number 245

Circuit Breakers

Eaton Corp. has introduced the Cutler-Hammer CL line of 1-in. replacement circuit breakers for residential applications. They are available in one- and two-pole configurations and are classified by Underwriters Laboratories for use in place of breakers listed on the panelboard. Direct Info Number 246


Day-Brite Lighting’s LLQ luminaire provides high luminous efficacy, excellent light quality, and long system life for low bay applications where frequent maintenance is not possible. Using the Philips QL induction lighting system, the luminaire boasts a system lifetime rated at 100,000 hours, or 25 years based on 4,000 burning hours per year. Direct Info Number 247

Cable Cutter

The CCB100 portable cable cutter from Eraser is designed for a wide range of cutting applications. This powerful and versatile cutter is ideal for use in the electric power and communications industries. Powered by a rechargeable Ni-Cad battery, it can cut cables up to 1,000 kcmil soft-drawn copper, 750 kcmil hard-drawn copper, and aluminum cables up to 2-in. O.D. It uses a hook-head design with a hardened blade that can be disengaged for midline cutting and features a three-way reversing switch that allows fully controlled cutting. Direct Info Number 248

Annunciator Series

Dortronics Systems Inc. offers its highly versatile 7600 annunciator monitoring and control series. The modular system, which is expandable in four-zone increments, can be configured to provide precise monitoring and control of over 100 doors/zones. Standard panels are available in four- and eight-zone configurations. Panels can be console or rack-mounted, hard wired or multiplexed. The units feature tri-state LEDs for each zone to visually indicate when a door is: closed and locked; closed and unlocked; opened with authorization; forced or held open; unsecured; and when an alarm has been sounded. An optional key switch is available to assure authorized operation. Direct Info Number 249

Fuse Selection Software

Ferraz Shawmut has released an updated version of its Select-A-Fuse software—further improving this Windows-based fuse selection tool. Available as a free download from the company’s Web site, it enables quick and accurate choice of the appropriate overcurrent protection for low- and medium-voltage motors, power and control transformers, and general loads. Direct Info Number 250


Advance Transformer Co. has a new Centium electronic ballast for the operation of one or two F54T5/HO lamps. The ballast will also operate one or two 55W, 50W, or 36/39W long twin tube lamps, and one or two 55W Circline lamps. The ballast (catalog number ICN-2S54) features IntelliVolt technology, which allows the ballast to operate at any input voltage from 120V to 277V, 50/60Hz. The ballast incorporates a lightweight, low-profile design with a 1-in. can height, providing maximum fixture design flexibility and facilitating installation and handling. Direct Info Number 251

Fiber Optic Lighting

Venture Lighting presents its flagship illuminator, the Imagine 68W fanless metal halide/fiber optic lighting component. With no fan to pull in lumen-reducing dust and dirt, this illuminator provides maximum light and life. The high light output/low power consumption system gives mean lumen levels equal to a standard 150W system for less than half the energy for lower total life cycle costs. Additional benefits include a built-in reflector and positive lock lamp mount for fast and affordable lamp replacement and an optical cable splitter. Direct Info Number 252

Fastening System

The Sure-Ty automated fastening system from Thomas & Betts offers a fast, reliable, and cost-effective fastening solution for wire harnessing, appliance, and other high-volume applications. The system automatically applies, tightens, and cuts cable ties flush in less than one second. The lightweight, ergonomically designed tool head and swivel handle help reduce installer fatigue and repetitive motion injuries, while a bench-mount accessory allows hands-free operation with the touch of a foot pedal. Direct Info Number 253


Ortronics Inc. has expanded its extensive offering of residential/small commercial enclosures to include the new 28-in. enclosure with hinged door. This larger enclosure is ideal for applications that require frequent or convenient accessibility to the internal components. The enclosure offers 18-gauge steel construction for maximum strength. and is an attractive durable material that helps protect against scratches and corrosion. It mounts between standard wall studs, so that the opening of the installed cabinet is flush with the wall. The enclosure may also be surface mounted and has a reversible, hinged door, which allows opening to the left or right. Direct Info Number 254

Electrical Short Finder

Wavetek Meterman has launched the SF-10 electronic short finder. The test tool uses a wire brush feature to quickly “sweep” printed circuit boards under test to find electrical shorts. Direct Info Number 255

Wire Stand

Jensen Tools has Rack-A-Tiers, a multi-purpose wire stand that will hold most common wire spools up to 30 in. Available as a set of two, it’s easy to set up and to transport to any work location. In addition to holding wire spools, the two “V” notches on the top make an excellent pipe vise to hold rod and pipe. It can also be used as a convenient saw horse or small workbench to help get work off the ground.
Direct Info Number 256

Tools and Testers

Xcelite, a CooperTools brand, has introduced the Xcelite DataCom line of tools and testers. The line includes individual cutters, strippers, and crimp tools, and a newly designed and proprietary line of datacom testers for telecom/cable installers and service personnel, and for data network technicians. The line also includes 13 kits, each tailored for a specific use. Direct Info Number 257

High Current Switch

Cooper Bussmann’s Telpower high current switch (TPHCS) handles ratings from 70A to 800A in an extremely compact package designed for today’s high power, high-density equipment cabinets. In higher amp ranges, it has a significant cost advantage when compared to circuit breakers. With the optional LED alarm indicator, an open-fuse is easily located to keep critical communication systems operating efficiently. Direct Info Number 258

Media Converter Products

Transition Networks presents two new chassises and several additions to the PointSystem product family that will provide more flexibility for smaller applications and small offices. The PointSystem is a high-density, multiprotocol, and multimedia converter mounting option, FocalPoint management software and a suite of media converters. Direct Info Number 259

Battery Backup

American Power Conversion’s latest PowerShield is a 12VDC battery backup unit that serves as the primary power supply for telephone communication ports as well as a local powering source for the customer premise equipment supporting the FiberPath system. The unit will notify the service provider of the power supply’s health and status. This includes notification if the battery is in use; unable to supply power; needs replacing; is missing or is not properly connected. These communication features provide proactive monitoring and maintenance that help ensure the end user is up and running during any power disturbance. Direct Info Number 260

T5 Fixtures

Crescent Lighting has introduced the Mini T5 series fixtures designed for smaller T5 fluorescent lamps. The fixtures provide design flexibility and ease of installation. Narrow channel (one lamp) and multi-purpose (two lamp) have a heavy-duty 20-gauge cold rolled steel housing, knockouts, and convectors to facilitate end-to-end or side-to-side runs, and snap-on components for installation or maintenance without tools. Direct Info Number 261

Port Panel

Fiberdyne Labs Inc. offers a 12-port panel that is compatible with its termination box series RTP-072. The panel is available with SC duplex couplings making it possible to accommodate 144 SC connections in a standard size 72-port termination box. Direct Info Number 262


ExceLine has introduced the smooth reflector series to its Solstice family of pendant-mounted luminaires, specifically designed to maximize flexibility while offering style, economy, and performance. The series is available in three sizes: 12-in., 16-in., and 22-in. Stylish and elegant, these reflectors enhance the architectural elements of any industrial, commercial, or retail space. Direct Info Number 263

Decorator Switch

Pass & Seymour/Legrand has the TradeMaster decorator switch in its family of residential products. This residential wiring device features screw-pressure-plate back-wiring, which dramatically speeds up the installation process, and provides greater flexibility when using 12- or 14-gauge solid or stranded wire. Direct Info Number 264

Barrier Strip

Ideal Industries Inc. has added to its comprehensive line of wire termination products with the Barrier Strip, a 12-circuit nylon strip with a modular design that enables it to be cut into smaller sections, or stacked end-to-end to increase the number of circuits available to accommodate application requirements. Built for performance and value, the strips feature tubular contacts that connect stripped, unterminated solid or stranded wire easily and securely, making them a first choice for maintenance and troubleshooting jobs. Direct Info Number 265

Battery Capacity Analyzer

B&K Precision Corp. has a lightweight, handheld battery capacity analyzer, Model 600. It can be used to quickly and accurately determine the percentage capacity of 12V lead acid batteries, which may be defective or deteriorated. The unit’s small size and portability makes it an ideal tool for use in automotive service stations, field service and maintenance, telecommunications and UPS manufacturing and maintenance, telecommunications and UPS manufacturing and maintenance applications. Direct Info Number 266

Box Hanger

No tools or cutting are required to adjust Cooper B-Line’s BA50, a heavy-duty electrical box hanger for suspended T-bar ceilings. With bendable ends, it can be mounted to 11/2-in. or 21/8-in. deep boxes in an instant. Or, if you require a deeper box, the BA50D mounts to 11/2-in. or 21/8-in. boxes with a 11/2-in. extension ring. The hanger snaps on the T-bar for fast installation and the self-centering feature quickly positions the electrical box on center without measuring. The device is compatible with a variety of accessories making it useful in many situations. Direct Info Number 267

Portable Floodlight

Appleton offers the portable Areamaster Jr., a wide-beam floodlight designed to meet the needs of users seeking high-output lighting from a compact unit. It couples its bright lighting capabilities with a heavy-gauge aluminum stand, making it an ideal solution on construction sites, in heavy equipment repair areas, or for emergency response projects. the durable architectural bronze polyester finish resists chipping, peeling, or fading in the most demanding weather conditions. Direct Info Number 268