Cable Reel

The Hannay NSCR700 cable reel features a compact design with a sturdy, narrow frame for use with live electrical cable. It can be mounted in confined spaces and is ideal for use with power tools, lights, machinery, and generators. A heavy-duty spring motor provides self-contained rewind power, with a non-sparking ratchet assembly that locks the reel when the desired length of cable is payed out. The NSCR700 houses a standard 45A, three-conductor, 600V collector assembly with No. 8 gauge wiring from the collector ring to the junction box.
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Tin Snips

Ideal Industries Inc. has provided electricians, maintenance professionals, and manufacturers with a faster, easier, and safer way to cut through ductwork, stainless steel, and other exotic metals with the introduction of the Aviation tin snips. The snips feature black-oxidized, chromemoly steel forged blades for superior strength and durability. Available in straight, left, and right cutting designs, the snips are distinguished by their hardened and serrated cutting edges that enable a more stable, safer hold when cutting.
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Safety Interlocks

Thomas & Betts has introduced a line of russellstoll UniGard IEC 309 circuit breaker interlocked receptacles in all standard voltage polarizations. Offering fully protected power for a range of industrial applications, the new safety interlocks are ideal for chemical, food processing, and beverage/bottling plants, as well as machinery and construction settings.
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Cutter and Pigtailer

The MC Cable cutter and pigtailer cuts and notches steel and aluminum MC cable to create whips quickly and consistently. It makes three cuts with one stroke. Lay the cable in the V-block, push the saw frame down, and as the blades near the cable, a micro-switch starts all cutters. The center saw cuts to length while the two outer blades notch to create pigtails on the end of one ship and the beginning of the next.
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Network Jack

Graybar has entered into an agreement with 3Com to distribute its new NJ100 network jack. The network jack provides four 10/100 unmanaged switch ports that fit into any standard wall cutout or modular furniture opening. Residing at the point where devices connect to an organization’s network, the jack is installed in a cubicle or office, conference room, or classroom, giving four active 10/100 ports that are connected to a LAN switch in the wiring closet by a single Ethernet cable.
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Power System

Eaton Corp. has released the Cutler-Hammer Clipper Power System—Visor Series, a safer and more compact surge protection device that provides improved performance and features unprecedented monitoring options. The series uses a Thermo-Dynamic Fusing system, increasing the surge protector’s safety and performance through metal oxide varistors that can sustain high surge currents. All Visor displays are capable of being mounted remotely.
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Disconnect Switch

Rated for 80 volts DC, the Telpower compact fused disconnect switch (TPCDS) and compact fuse (TPC) from Cooper Bussmann provide the highest interrupting rating (100,000 amperes) for short circuit protection of components and wiring in the DC-powered distribution circuits of telecommunications systems. The TPCDS features the Bussmann Telpower AmpColor ID system, an easy-to-use labeling system in which each ampere rating is represented by a specific color to help maintenance personnel find the correct Telpower Compact replacement fuse.
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Fire Alarm Network

FCI has introduced NetSolo, a powerful, intelligent fire alarm network that provides the ability to connect up to sixty-four 7100 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels in a high speed, peer-to-peer network. With the release of NetSolo comes the 7100 Intelligent Network Interface (INI). The interface easily installs into the 7100 fire alarm control panel and is available in two versions, the INI-7100-UTP for wire and the INI-7100-FO for both wire and fiber optic cable.
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Patch Panel

HellermannTyton offers the AlphaSnap Category 6 patch panel, an integral component of the GigaBand Category 6 structured cabling product line. The patch panel is fully modular and features individual PCB modules that, if required, can be replaced very easily. It also comes with a patented slide label system, which offers a protected labeling area for smudge-free identification of the ports. Rear cable managers provide excellent cable strain relief. The AlphaSnap panel is configured for both T568A and T568B wiring.
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Liquid Level Control

Entrelec SSAC has added the LLC8 Series to its LLC family of liquid level controls. The series is a low cost plug-in, single probe, liquid level control designed for low liquid level cutoff protection normally used in equipment and commercial appliances that produce hot water or steam. Low level protection helps prevent thermal runaway and excessively high internal pressure in the hot water tank by disconnecting the heating element if the water level is too low. The LLC8 uses a very small AC current to sense the presence of the water in the tank and is designed for systems that use conductive liquids, like water.
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Labeling Tool

Brady Worldwide has introduced the ID Pal, a professional-quality thermal transfer labeling tool useful in a variety of applications including labels for any smooth/flat, curved (including wire and cable), or textured surfaces. The rugged, lightweight design uses high-quality label materials that offer superior adhesion, long life, and provide an exposed edge for easy label removal. The unique top-loaded cartridge, built-in cutter, and auto shutoff reduce time and material waste for installers.
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Category 6 Cable

General Cable presents the GenSpeed cable product offering. The first product in this line of small pair cable is GenSpeed 6000, a Category 6 cable, which meets and exceeds TIA/EIA-568B.2-1. The cable is small in diameter and provides increased conduit and tray fill cable capacities, allowing more cables to be installed. GenSpeed is also available with the Tru-Mark footage marking system.
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Woodhead Connectivity offers the Brad Harrison DeviceNet Bus Extender. The bus extender doubles effectively, extends allowable drop lengths, or creates new topologies such as “star” or “multiple drop.” The extender increases in trunk length without sacrificing power quality, or necessitating the installation of a second trunk. Where several conveyors must feed into or out of a main conveyor, “star” networks can be configured because drop lengths from the trunk can also be extended beyond specified 6-meter lengths. To protect the integrity of data being transmitted, the extender electrically isolates the “noisy” sections of the bus from more sensitive areas of the network.
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Drill/driver Kit

The DeWalt 18-volt heavy duty drill/driver kit from Sears Industrial features a three-speed, all-metal transmission with exclusive Max 3rd Speed to provide faster drilling and driving. The keyless ½-in. ratcheting chuck lock gives a tight bit grip. The high-torque motor delivers from 450 to 350 inch-lbs. maximum torque. An extended run-time battery allows for more work per charge and no memory.
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Watertight Hubs

O-Z/Gedney has a line of watertight hubs designed to securely connect rigid conduit or IMC to the threadless openings of a wide range of electrical enclosures. UL-listed and CSA-certified, these hubs feature a rugged, corrosion-resistant metallic construction to ensure mechanical protection, plus a die cast design that offers clean lines and aesthetic appeal. Engineered for use indoors or outdoors, the hubs have an integral o-ring that provides a watertight seal along with smooth, accurately tapped threads that yield easier insulation.
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Modular Wiring System

The EZ Connect modular wiring system from Ruud Lighting can reduce labor costs 25% to 50%. Factory-wired components replace conventional conduit and wire to distribute branch circuits to lighting fixtures and receptacle devices. Designed to work with all Ruud industrial fixtures, the system components literally snap together, eliminating hard wiring. The system works with both new installations and retrofits.
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EMF Sensor

Scientifics offers an easy-to-use, hand-held EMF detector featuring a high resolution measurement designed to measure field radiation at different band widths. Large LED display reads 0.1 to 199.9 mG over the ELF range of 30 to 400Hz. Accuracy to within 4% ±3 digits at 50/60Hz. Samples are taken every four seconds. The sensor is powered by one 9V battery.
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Power Bits

Klein Tools has introduced a line of insert/power bits for use in fastening applications. There are 21 different products including 1-in. Phillips bits, 115/16-in. Phillips bits, 1-in. square recess bits, 1-in. slotted bits, 29/16-in. magnetic nut setter bits, 2-in ball type socket adapter bits, 2-in. Phillips double-end, 2-in Phillips slotted double-end, and a 23/8-in. magnetic bit holder.
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Connector Systems

Duraline presents their electrical multi-pin waterproof connector system. These fully waterproof connector systems feature a unique reverse taper seal design, which isolates each contact and creates a watertight seal, allowing mated connectors to be submersed in up to three feet of water. The system is available with up to 20 contacts, from one to 1,200 amps, and from 12 to 5,000 volts.
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Test Plug Adapters

Wago Corp. has introduced a test plug adapter for the Wago Series 870 rail-mounted terminal blocks. These modular test plugs with Cage Clamp connection can be adapted to the configuration of the terminal strip and are well suited for testing factory-wired rail assemblies. Test plug contact is made in the integral jumper slot of the terminal blocks and connection is possible once the push-in type jumper bars have been inserted. Spacers allow terminal blocks to be skipped so that the test plugs can be adapted to the terminal strip’s design.
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Power Supply

Phihong offers its 5-watt R Series adapter, providing designers of portable electronics an adapter with replaceable power plugs. The PSA-05R power supply features universal input, allowing it to operate for any worldwide line voltage from 90 to 264VAC. Various models provide a single output ranging from 3.3V to 12V. Smaller than a business card and weighing only 4 oz., the power supply series is ideal for small, lightweight, and portable electronics products such as PDSs, digital cameras, MPEG players, and other personal electronic devices.
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The Steel Beam Flashlight Series from Garrity is constructed from tough, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant stainless steel available in four full-feature sizes, including the 2AA size that adds a focusing capability of spot to flood. The flashlight features a Philips Xenon bulb that is 200% brighter than standard incandescent bulbs.
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Wall Box Locator

The Siemon Co. presents the Mount-it wall box locator, which helps contractors and installers properly and consistently align electrical boxes in new construction, or co-locate telephone/data boxes next to electrical boxes. Simply attach Mount-it to a piece of standard ½-in. EMT conduit and adjust the thumb screws to set the desired depth and height. Attach an electrical box to Mount-it, align it with the stud, and secure in place on the stud.
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