According to the Wall Street Journal, the flat-panel TV industry may finally be on the verge of eliminating the need for wires. Manufacturers state that TV sets with this technology will be in stores before the next holiday season.

The TV manufacturing industry has not been an innovator in the field of wireless technologies, which was mostly advanced by the manufacturers of cell phones and computer-networking -equipment. The WirelessHD group, a consortium that includes Sony, Toshiba and Intel, recently announced that it completed the blueprints for chips that can send HD audio and video from set-top boxes, DVD players and digital cameras to TV sets. The chips can be built small in size and are intended to be built into devices rather than be supplied as an add-on adapter.

The technology uses a band of the radio spectrum at approximately 60 gigahertz that avoids interference from other wireless-networking gear and is capable of extremely high data-transfer rates, according to John Marshall, WirelessHD chairman.

Unlike other wireless TV solutions, WirelessHD will not need to compress the signal, which can cause a loss of quality. However, the technology has caused a stir with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). To satisfy the MPAA, WirelessHD intends to limit the range of the technology, so it will transmit only within the average home.

—Information Inc.