Further development of the anti-counterfeit movement in the electrical industry is good for everyone. That is, everyone but those peddling counterfeit products.

GE recently announced its “Get Real” program, implemented to help fight against counterfeit electrical products. Currently, those interested can take an online course to learn about the problem, how to identify counterfeits, and how to help combat counterfeit electrical products.

For taking the pledge to use only genuine products purchased through authorized distributors, GE will send a pledge card and commemorative mug (while supplies last).

In addition, GE has set up a hotline if people have concerns about a particular GE product. Call 888.GERESOLVE or e-mail ReportItNow@GE.com.

Electrical contractors are the industry’s greatest resource in combating counterfeit electrical products, and GE’s “Get Real” program is the latest effort by several industry leaders to raise awareness in an attempt to proactively stop the $20-billion-per-year problem the industry faces.

Previously, GE supported Electrical Contractor’s anti-counterfeit efforts and partnered with the magazine on a webinar on counterfeit electrical products. Find it here.