Honeywell Power Products, Northford, Conn, has developed an interactive graphics tool for determining the voltage parameters of a specific fire alarm’s notification appliance circuit. The HPP-Calc is a free program that evaluates notification appliance circuit devices and their location on a circuit along with conductor size and maximum current draw.

Customized for Honeywell Power Products equipment, the HPP-Calc uses power supply source values measured by Underwriter’s Laboratories during product testing.

The program has drop-down menus to help the user select notification appliance circuit devices and power supplies from a comprehensive database of products. To create a realistic system illustration, the program’s interactive graphical interface allows users to drag and drop notification appliance circuit device images into place along a circuit. Wire gauges and notification appliance circuit distances are taken into account before a complete visual and numerical report is generated.

The calculator is designed to work on any current version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. To download the calculator, visit