Lighting and controls is a huge, constantly changing, dynamic market. The ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR lighting editorial listed below keeps current on technological innovations from LEDs, controls, and design to innovations in efficiency by traditional lighting formats. 

Internet of Things

At the 2017 Strategies in Light conference, Robert F. Karlicek, Jr., spoke about creative destruction in the lighting industry brought on by LED technology and the internet of things (IoT).

Networked lighting controls are intelligent and programmable systems in which devices communicate to enact control strategies.

OLEDs, such as Pixelligent's, have a carbon-based semiconductor layer that emits light when electricity is applied by adjacent electrodes. - Courtesy of Pixelligent

A new light is appearing. Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) stand where LEDs stood about 10 years ago—promising but expensive. But, as LEDs demonstrated, rapid advances can lower cost and speed up adoption. That’s the expectation for OLED lighting.

Lighting technology continues to expand with new products and systems that will benefit commercial and residential markets. Lighting has become smarter and easier to integrate with other systems in homes, buildings and facilities around the world.

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'The Last Great Mystery'
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"The last great mystery"--that is what one contractor called the game of managing lighting materials for the average new construction project.

Bathroom Lighting Tips

In general, the same lighting design principles apply to both residential and commercial bathroom interiors. * Do not install a downlight directly over the bathroom sink, as it will create strong shadows on the viewer's face.

EPE Adds Electric Kick to Columbus Soccer

In 1895, the Erner and Hopkins Co., began furnishing the electrical industry in the Columbus, Ohio, area with poles, wires, and insulators. The business prospered until a fire on April 1, 1920, destroyed the company's property.

Lighting for Safe Parking Areas

Finding a safe place to park your car while you work, shop, or run simple errands is a frustrating problem most of us have encountered, one some of us battle daily. Parking spaces in busy commercial areas can be scarce and oftentimes tend to be costly.

Report: Solid State and Other Efficient Lighting Systems on the Rise

According to a new market research report, “Solid State and Other Energy Efficient Lighting Systems, Application and Market Trends (2010–2015),” published by, the total global solid-state and other energy-efficient lighting systems market is expected to be worth $53.5 billion b

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Using Electrical Testers Safely

Much attention is devoted to safe work practices during electrical construction, maintenance and repair work, and rightfully so.