Lighting and controls is a huge, constantly changing, dynamic market. The ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR lighting editorial listed below keeps current on technological innovations from LEDs, controls, and design to innovations in efficiency by traditional lighting formats. 

High-value specialty crops, such as fruits, vegetables and ornamentals, account for a tiny percentage of U.S. farmland but yield about 40 percent of farmland revenues. In many regions, these crops are grown in shielded environments, such as greenhouses.

The electrical design in this conference room includes suspended decorative specialty fluorescent lights and LED downlights, automated shading tied to a Lutron lighting control system, large screen monitors, and a conference table wired with microphones.

The office of tomorrow is an energy-efficient space designed for employee health and productivity, and today’s office is looking more like its future self every day. Lighting plays a key role.

Mark S. Rea, Ph.D., professor and director of the Lighting Research Center at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, believes the lighting industry has a problem. Solving it first requires an admission that it exists.

Thanks to advanced lighting controls, various industries view lighting as an important element in energy-efficient design. It is a business-intelligence platform that combines sensors and systems in a way that provides excellent illumination and energy savings.

More on Lighting

Lighting Technology Looks Bright

Harry Truman once said that the way to get a mule's attention "is to hit him between the eyeballs with a two by four." It may come to that if we are going to get the public's attention about new technology in the residential lighting industry.

Emergency Lighting Standards Tighten

With tighter regulations and a greater need for emergency lighting in commercial buildings, product developers are continually focusing on ways to make exit and emergency lights more energy efficient and easier to self-diagnose.

The Light Side of the Web

Let’s say there was a place you could go to get the latest information on lighting, including hard-to-find items and maybe even some decent prices.

Lamp Life Innovation

More than $640 million could be saved annually nationwide if only a small percentage of businesses updated their lighting to more energy-efficient systems.

Shining the Spotlight on Light Trespass

Electrical contractors have many tools to address and overcome the obstacle of light trespass that accompanies many construction projects.

How Retailers Use Powerful Point Sources

Think about how you feel when you walk into Best Buy, Home Depot or Target, compared to when you walk into Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom or Crate & Barrel. Lighting plays a key role in creating the desired atmosphere.

DALI, LEDs Illuminate Commercial Horizon

Spiraling energy costs served as a catalyst for manufacturers to develop new commercial lighting products. Digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are two innovations in the indoor commercial market.