Lighting and controls is a huge, constantly changing, dynamic market. The ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR lighting editorial listed below keeps current on technological innovations from LEDs, controls, and design to innovations in efficiency by traditional lighting formats. 

As performance increases and costs decline, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is poised to become the predominant light source in the United States. Meanwhile, adoption of integrated advanced lighting controls continues to grow.

All light sources must be maintained; as lighting controls become more sophisticated, they also must be maintained. Responsible lighting design should include maintenance to preserve design integrity.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, commercial building energy codes have increasingly mandated automatic lighting controls.

The IIoT
 extends the utility of advanced lighting and control systems with additional sensing that can produce data and transform business.

The World Wide Web connects 10 billion devices and counting into a global network. Any network-enabled device can establish a link to the internet, raising the potential to join building systems appliances and more.

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Light Savers

High-efficiency lighting sparks new market for electrical contractors:

In With the New

An update on the metal halide lamp industry: The opportunity to replace the approximately 7 billion residential and commercial lamps that are currently in use in the United States probably won’t arise, since two-thirds of the lamps in question are incandescents in use in residential installations; h

Lighting Design Illuminates Greater Profit

Getting help to gain a larger residential lighting design market share: If electrical contractors want to grab a larger slice of the lighting design pie, they must “become certified lighting consultants,” said Mark Lien, accredited lighting professional and manager of the SOURCE Educational Center f

New Alliance Forms to Battle the Dark Side

The Home Lighting Control Alliance(HLCA), a new organization dedicated to raising awareness of lighting control systems among consumers, homebuilders and the professional trades, recently formed.

Finding the Right Guiding Light

Lighting options for roadways, tunnels and bridges New technologies in tunnel, bridge and roadway lighting continue to surface, while existing high-intensity discharge (HID) and fluorescent technologies generate mixed reviews from lighting experts. Glare control is critical.

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Lighting applications today and tomorrow