Green Building


A blooming industry, green building is rising with greater public demand, legislative focus, and code and standard mandates. With programs like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) becoming more popular, contractors are finding new building processes and technologies to be more efficient and environmentally minded. The below articles dive into alternative energies, energy efficiency, the smart grid, and more and include editorial from our annual special issue on the subject.

In March 2012, West Liberty, Ky., a community of 3,400 in Morgan County, was hit by an EF-3 tornado. The town suffered $50 million in damage, 400 homes were demolished, and seven people were killed.

Developing buildings that generate as much energy as they use during the course of a year has become an important goal for the most environmentally minded owners and architects over the past decade or so, and a growing number of projects are succeeding in meeting this ambitious target.

With only 265,000 customers, Vermont’s Green Mountain Power (GMP) is among the nation’s smaller investor-owned utilities, though you’d never guess this from its influence as a renewable-energy innovator.

Wind farm on Columbia Hills, Windy Flats. Courtesy of Walter Sigmund on Wikimedia Commons

Results from a second quarter market report, released by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) on July 27, show a growing and evolving industry—from increased development to new projects and customers.

More on Green Building

DOE Wants to Help Homeowners Score Their Own Energy Efficiency

Lately, it seems everyone is embracing energy efficiency. It is the weapon of choice in the fight against wasteful electricity, greenhouse gases and global warming. Easy to talk about on loftier levels, it’s maybe not as easy to translate into real world terms.

FHA Backs Energy-Efficiency Home Improvement Loans

In the quest to transform the use of electricity in the United States, efficiency measures face some of the same obstacles to widespread adoption as their green-energy cousin, renewable power. In particular, cost is the great inhibitor.

Organizations Partner to Build Energy Industry Work Force

ACT Inc. and the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) announced a partnership designed to provide a common entry point for individuals interested in pursuing energy-industry careers.

PV in Sunny Milwaukee

The surface of the earth receives a tremendous amount of energy from the sun daily.

J F Electric Posts Time-Lapse Video Showing Solar Installation

J F Electric recently completed a solar installation on its headquarters in Edwardsville, Ill. As if that wasn't cool enough, they put together a time-lapse video presentation of the installation and uploaded it to YouTube. Watch and enjoy!

Long Live the Savings

As the building industry has improved the energy-efficient performance of equipment, it has become apparent that effective commissioning and maintenance of building systems and equipment is needed.

SEIA: National Solar Jobs Census Shows Strong Solar Employment, Is Expected to Grow

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) highlighted the strength of the U.S. solar job market in the face of high nationwide unemployment. The announcement was made at Solar Power International 2010, North America’s largest business-to-business solar conference and exhibition.