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Essential to the work of the electrical contractor is knowledge of the National Electrical Code, the National Electrical Installation Standards and additional standards and codes administered by the National Fire Protection Association, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and others. Here is a list of all our articles on codes and standards listed chronologically by issue date. 

The National Electrical Code (NEC) uses the word “harmonic” exactly 11 times, all in combination with or explanation of neutral conductors. However, “harmonic” is not defined in the NEC.

Does the National Electrical Code (NEC) address conductor-withstand ratings for wire-type equipment grounding conductors (EGCs)? Yes, but it is worthy of a more detailed explanation.

Jim Dollard has an extensive background in codes and standards. If you have a query about the National Electrical Code (NEC), Jim will help you solve it. Questions can be sent to Answers are based on the 2014 NEC.
 Grounded conductor 
terminations, panelboards

Conductor identification requirements are located in articles throughout the National Electrical Code (NEC). The first such requirement is in Article 110, and it pertains to a specific type of electrical system.

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Article 210 - Branch Circuits

For tables, please see refer to Electrical Contractor magazine. 210.8(A) Dwelling Units

Power Supply for a Fire Pump, Stranded Conductors on Receptacles, Kitchen Light Switches, and More

CODE CITATIONS Article 110—Requirements for Electrical Installations Article 210—Branch Circuits Article 230—Services Article 250—Grounding Article 408—Switchboards and Panelboards Article 430—Motors, Motor Circuits, and Controllers Article 695—Fire Pumps

2002 NEC Adds High-voltage Requirements

The electrical industry is rapidly changing. Utility companies are selling high-voltage equipment, including transformers and distribution equipment, to end-users as part of divestiture agreements.

Article 210 - Branch Circuits

Please see January issue of Electrical Contracor for referenced figures. 210.8(A) Dwelling Units

Electrical Installation Requirements, Overcurrent Protection, Lighting Fixtures, and More

CODE CITATIONS Article 110—Requirements for Electrical Installations Article 230—Services Article 240—Overcurrent Protection Article 310—Conductors for General Wiring Article 410—Lighting Fixtures, Lampholders, Lamps, and Receptacles Article 424—Fixed Electric Space-Heating Equipment

What Does Article 300 Cover?

This article Is based on the newly issued 2002 National Electrical Code (NEC). The NEC style has been changed for the 2002 edition. It may take awhile for those who are familiar with previous issues of the Code to become accustomed to using it, but this new style should make it much easier to use.