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The Myths of Fiber Optics and Cabling
Some myths about fiber optics and cabling continue to show up in conversations, articles and blogs. Some are almost true, and some are nowhere near true but just refuse to die. Some of the statements below are myths—do you know which are true and which are false?
Published: January 2017Jim Hayes
Fiber Optic Connection Problems
Connections can sometimes be an issue for fiber optic cables. Here are some questions about misconceptions and common problems encountered in installations to test your knowledge.
Published: February 2017Jim Hayes
Documentation Requirements
How well do you know the documentation requirements for fire alarm systems? Take this quiz, and test your knowledge.
Published: February 2017Thomas P. Hammerberg
What's New? What's Old and Obsolete?
Fiber optics has been around for 40 years; structured cabling for about 25 years. Both have been used long enough that many older components and processes have become obsolete. Are you keeping up with the technology?
Published: March 2017Jim Hayes
The Dirt on Connectors
Experienced fiber optic technicians agree that the biggest problem they face is dirty connectors. How do you inspect them? How do you clean them? Let's test your knowledge.
Published: April 2017Jim Hayes
Smoke Detector Installation Requirements
There are many items to consider when spacing smoke detectors. Test your knowledge of NFPA 72 2016 requirements.
Published: April 2017Thomas P. Hammerberg
Planning and Designing a Fiber Optic Network
The best fiber optic networks, and the easiest ones to build, are those that are well designed and thoroughly planned. Let's test your fiber optic network design knowledge.
Published: May 2017By Jim Hayes
Uses for Old Cat 5 Cable
The Cat 5 cable installed a decade ago is obsolete by now, right? I guess it's time to follow the National Electrical Code and pull it out and recycle it. Whoa, maybe not! Perhaps there is still some life in that cable.
Published: June 2017Jim Hayes
Power Supplies
Take this quiz to test your knowledge of fire alarm power supply requirements based on the 2016 NFPA 72.
Published: June 2017Thomas P. Hammerberg
Passive OLANs
A new type of local area network—passive optical local area networks (OLANs)—is becoming widely accepted because it costs less than half as much as traditional LANs. How much do you know about passive OLANs?
Published: July 2017Jim Hayes
Close Enough?
When designing, building, testing or operating a fiber optic network, is "close enough" good enough?
Published: August 2017Jim Hayes
Inspection and Testing
Test your knowledge of the latest inspection and testing requirements of the 2016 NFPA 72.
Published: August 2017Thomas P. Hammerberg
What Makes a Smart City 'Smart'?
Everybody says becoming a smart city is the way for metropolitan areas to succeed in the future. But what is a “smart” city and what makes it that way?
Published: September 2017Jim Hayes
We Know You're Still Installing 'Cat 5'
Sure, we know you’re still installing “Cat 5”—or what most of us call unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) copper cable, including everything from Cat 3 to Cat 8. Let’s test how much you remember about UTP cabling.
Published: October 2017Jim Hayes
Fire Alarm Requirements for Elevators
Review the fire alarm requirements for elevators based on 2016 NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.
Published: October 2017Thomas P. Hammerberg