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Cable Plant Project Documentation
The job is not finished until the paperwork is done, but cable plant project documentation should be started before the team begins to define what the project is, how it is to be installed and what determines that it is finished. Documentation even provides information needed to operate and repair the cabling. How well do you understand project paperwork?
Published: January 2013Jim Hayes
Can Cabling Standards Keep Up With Technology?
Without standards, communications networks could never work because there would be no interoperability, but standards are developed in a process that sometimes seems slower than electronic technology is evolving. Have cabling standards been keeping up with technology?
Published: February 2013Jim Hayes
Quick Fiber Optic Terminations
We’re all in a hurry because time is money when it comes to installation. There are certainly ways to save time, but we need to make sure we don’t cut corners and cause problems. How well do you know how to save time when terminating optical fiber cables?
Published: March 2013Jim Hayes
Category 8? Are We Kidding?
I checked my records, and it has been six and a half years since I last wrote a quiz about a proposal for a new performance category of unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cabling in Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards committees. Well, it’s time to do it again. There are proposals for another UTP category, Category 8. As of this writing, the committees are just getting started on what’s likely to be some lively discussions. Have you heard the news?
Published: April 2013Jim Hayes
New Developments
In the last year, we have seen some interesting developments including technology, products and applications that can affect your work in both the electrical and low- voltage/fiber optic fields. Have you been keeping up with the news?
Published: May 2013Jim Hayes
Outside Plant Buried Fiber Cables
Installing optical fiber outdoors can be done by burying cable, placing aerial cable on poles or installing submarine cable underwater. Let's focus on placing cables underground and see how well you understand the process.
Published: June 2013Jim Hayes
Outside Plant Aerial Fiber Optic Cables
Last month’s quiz was about underground outside plant (OSP) cables. This month, let’s look at choosing and installing aerial cable and see how well you understand them.
Published: July 2013Jim Hayes
The Myths of Fiber Optics and Cabling
We at The Fiber Optic Association recently had a chance to interview a potential instructor. We ask candidates a lot of technical questions designed to gauge their overall understanding of fiber optics and cabling. Believing in some of the myths of fiber optics, this candidate gave some surprising answers. How would you respond?
Published: August 2013Jim Hayes
New Developments in Wireless
Wireless is changing. Most people have cell phones; in fact, the majority now have smartphones. Tablets are outselling laptops, and both depend on wireless. Getting a good signal is a primary consideration, and that requires knowing how to design and install wireless.
Published: September 2013Jim Hayes
Cabling Project Management
What’s involved in a communications cabling project? Successfully designing and installing a low-voltage cable plant requires knowledge and skills in planning and management. How well do you know how to do this?
Published: October 2013Jim Hayes
Cabling Installation Safety
At The Fiber Optics Association (FOA), we get many questions about fiber and copper cable installation safety. Some of the questions are simple, such as, “What is the most dangerous part about installing cable?” Often the person is disappointed when we say it’s falling off a ladder. Here are some more safety questions.
Published: November 2013
Premises Cabling Design
Premises cabling began when local area networks (LANs) moved to twisted-pair cabling; it became popular when standardized by TIA 568 and evolved with increasing network speeds. How well do you know the design and installation rules?
Published: December 2013Jim Hayes