1 Van > Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cargo van has up to 547 cubic feet of space and offers best-in-class payload capacity, cargo capacity, rear and side door opening areas and interior standing height. It is available in two wheelbases, three body lengths, two cargo area heights (up to 76.4 in.), and three weight classes. The payload ranges from 2,855 to 5,358 lbs. with available rear AC. It has a loading length up to 185 in., towing capacity up to 7,500 lbs. and a tongue weight of up to 750 lbs.


2 Battery Monitor > Cole Hersee’s FlexMod voltage sensing relay and timer (VSRT) conserves the starting power of a vehicle battery by shutting off auxiliary loads when either starting voltage drops to a low level, or a preset timer times out. It is useful for utility and fleet vehicles, as it virtually eliminates the possibility of vehicles not starting due to a dead battery. This small (4-in.-by-3-in.-by-1-in.) piece of equipment alerts the vehicle operator when starting voltage is low and then temporarily cuts off any nonessential electrical loads, thus conserving power to start. Its service life exceeds 1,000,000 on/off cycles, operating for the entire lifetime of the vehicle. This device has a rating of 10A and can handle many loads directly, or it can drive a relay or solenoid for higher amperages.


3 Brake Controls > Valley Industries’ Journey electronic trailer brake control system is an affordable control with adjustable power needed to stop and ramp speed to activate. It is designed for one- to two-axle trailers with two- to four-brake systems. It mounts anywhere. The Journey HD control is self-diagnostic with a digital display.


4 Truck > Dodge’s Grand Caravan commercial van has 144.4 cubic feet of maximum available cargo volume and an upfit-ready cargo area for easy customization. An efficient, flex fuel-capable 3.3-liter V6 engine provides the power. It has state-of the-art safety and security systems. Standard features include an eight-way power driver’s seat, industrial cargo floor, and load-leveling commercial wagon suspension. Loading and unloading are made easier with dual-sliding doors and a large rear hatch more than 40 in. tall. The maximum payload capacity is 1,800 lbs. The towing capacity is 2,800 lbs.

5 Cab Partition > Masterrack’ s cab partitions can provide additional protection from sliding and shifting cargo as well as cargo theft. Choose among steel, lightweight composite and wire partitions. Safety accessories, such as first aid and reflector kits, can be mounted to the partition for easy accessibility. CSS Composite Partition with door for GM Express/Savana vans is lightweight and quiet yet strong and includes recessed area for improved seat travel. Locking door will not rattle. The QuietFlex composite partition with door is available for Ford E-Series vans.


6 Van Chassis > Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp.’s plug-in all-electric walk-in van (WIV) chassis offers the ergonomic benefits and safety features of a conventional WIV, such as curb-side exit, walk-through cargo area, direct access to cargo area from driver’s station and more. It has a flat-leaf spring front and rear suspension, allowing for a smooth, solid ride that minimizes cargo shifts on uneven road surfaces. It integrates Enova’s 120 kW all-electric drive system technology into an MT-45 chassis. Ideal for the pickup and delivery market, the MT-45 chassis has a GVWR of 14,000 to 19,500 lbs. The durable steel straight-rail chassis frame reduces flex and bowing to minimize chassis stress while carrying heavy payloads.

7 Ladder Rack > Werner Ladder VR103-W rack fits most conventional vans with rain gutters. It has a 600-lb.-load capacity with a third bar option that increases the capacity an additional 300 lbs. VR104-W fits Ford model year 1992 and later. It is made of white powder-coated steel.



8 Van Rack > Kargo Master’s all-purpose utility van rack is constructed with heavy duty 1¾-in. square tubes, and it is available with two or three steel cross bars. Wide mounting feet clamps secure the rack to the rain gutter to provide maximum support, stability and offer no-drill installation for your van. Feet clamps are coated to protect rain gutter paint. Ladder stops are included. It is coated with zinc primer and thick, chip-resistant white and black marine-grade powder coats to provide excellent corrosion resistance. This utility van rack fits Ford, GM, and pre-Sprinter Dodge vans. It fits full-size Ford, GM, and older pre-Sprinter Dodge vans.

9 Tool Box > Christensen Ladderracks’ Full Access truck tool boxes have a 0.100-in. bright aluminum tread plate, 3/16-in. cast aluminum ends, and ¾-in. stainless steel pivot pins set in bronze bearings. Tools are stored side by side in separate, fully accessible vertical compartments, cords and all. Shelves are available and can be positioned at seven different levels. Plastic polypropylene bins can be configured in three completely accessible tiers inside the box. There is a small, full-length built-in tray in the upper rear of the tool box for pencils, pens, drill and screw driver bits.

10 Utility Chest > Delta Champion’s aluminum portable utility chest provides lockable, secure and weather-tight storage for valuables. It can be mounted in a truckbed and used indoors or outdoors. It has adjustable lid strikers, leakproof stainless steel paddle handles and a self-rising rigid structural lid.


11 GPS > Garmin personal navigational devices and FleetBoss GPS combine GPS fleet management, dispatch, text communications and navigation for drivers. Using Series 6000, messages can be sent to the device or to the driver.  When driver ID keys are used, the system will find which vehicle the driver has claimed for the day and delivers the message to the Garmin connected to that asset. Garmin PNDs also offer text communication to and from the driver in addition to reporting real time map status to management.

12 Storage Solutions > Emerson’s Weather Guard’s van storage solutions designed for the Ford Transit Connect van. Special features include a custom bulkhead, space-maximizing design and a wide-range of shelving and accessory options. The custom bulkhead provides excellent protection against shifting loads, minimizes rattling and optimizes space. For greater visibility, a wire mesh bulkhead is available along with wire mesh window screens. Shelving units fit tightly to van walls, freeing up floor space while 12-in. and 14-in. shelf widths provide storage flexibility. In addition, a wide-range of cabinets, drawer units and floor storage options can be customized to specific requirements.

13 Automatic Vehicle Location > Safefreight’s EnCompass AVL vehicle unit contains a wireless GPS receiver that receives signals from satellites. Location information is transmitted by wireless communication (either satellite or cellular) to a network operations terminal and made available to fleet managers and dispatchers through the SmartFleet Manager software application.

14 Upfit Packages > Adrian Steel’s Trade Packages are designed for several different trades—builder/remodeler, general delivery, gas and electric repair, utility service, locksmith service and plumbing, heating and air conditioning—and include shelving, drawers and cabinets to line both sides of your vehicle. Users can choose a standard package or use the layouts as ideas to base their own interior designs. The electric package features heavy-duty, adjustable shelving, a workbench, locking cabinets and drawers.