1 Fleet Tracker > AP GPS Systems’ APGPS Gold vehicle tracker uses a combination of GPS, GSM and GPRS technologies. It is suitable for commercial fleets and personal vehicles. Easily and quickly installed, you can be up and running quickly, tracking your vehicles with APGPS-TRACK Web-based tracking software. Features include a panic button and remote ignition cutoff. It comes with the tracking unit, GPS and GSM antenna, wiring harness and installation instructions.


2 Truck Box  > Knaack LLC and Weather Guard Products’ E-Line Model 143 saddle box is secure, durable, and convenient and has a secure-locking system and a tamper-resistant, full-length, piano-style hinge. It has an “easy-find” organization with a removable tool box and lift-out tote tray. The box’s sturdy, heavy-duty construction features a reinforced aluminum diamond-plate body with an automotive-grade, baked-on powder-coat finish. Automotive-style latches with a paddle handle mechanism make single-handed opening easy, even when wearing bulky work gloves. When fully open, the cover sits at a 90° angle providing unhindered access to the inside of the box. Heavy duty J-bolt mounting brackets are simple to attach, and mounting pads prevent bed rail scratches and dampen vibration when the vehicle is in motion.


3 Switch > Cole Hersee’s SureStart low-voltage disconnect (LVD) switch 48513 electronically senses battery voltage and conserves starting power by disconnecting noncritical loads, prolonging battery life by preventing battery damage due to excessive discharge. It is ideal for utility and delivery vehicles, as well as vehicles with ancillary on-board equipment, such as snowplows, hoists, pumps, floodlights, etc. It has a rating of 100A at 12V or 24V DC. Its service life exceeds 1 million on/off cycles, and it has a manual override that allows users to connect or disconnect the switch when needed, regardless of voltage. It measures 4.5-in.-by-4-in.-by-4.27-in. and does not require a separate solenoid to control high current.

4 Trailer AntiTheft Systems > Valley Industries’ Trailer antitheft system monitors a trailer’s lighting circuit and triggers a remote alarm if the trailer is disconnected from the vehicle or if the wires are cut. It works with any mechanical security devices to offer a new level of security. It will cut the power to the trailer lights for 15 minutes.



5 Tonneau Cover > DiamondBack Truck Covers products for the Kubota RTV and the John Deere Gator include bed covers that allow for lockable storage and the ability to tie down up to 250 lbs. on top of the covers. Additional products include roofs, floor mats, bumpers, arm guards and rear bed racks. All are available in both uncoated polished aluminum diamond plate as well as coated black with Line-X Xtra protective coatings.


6 Storage Drawers > Delta Jobox’s steel drawer storage units have a grip-and-release drawer stop safety system and heavy-duty front conveyor and rear roller bearings rated at 1,000 lbs. that allows users to safely open heavy drawers on sloped surfaces. It comes with removable sectional and bin dividers and a 360-degree channel. The 48-in.-long units are available in heights of 9 inches with 5-in.-deep drawers or 13 inches with 9-in.-deep drawers. All are available with customizable configurations of bins and bin dividers.

7 Ladder Rack > Weather Guard’s Model 1200 ATR aluminum full-size truck rack weighs 68 lbs. and has a load capacity of 800 lbs. It has four easily adjustable ladder stops included to help secure ladders and materials. The antiwear strip reduces wear on ladders and protects rack. Easy-to-install compression clamps secure the rack to the top of truck bed, and the upright legs bolt to a mounting rail for easy removal.