1 Megohmmeter  > AEMC Instruments’ portable 5,000V Megohmmeter Model 6505 performs voltage, insulation and capacitance measurements. Features include automatic calculation and presentation of the dielectric absorption ratio and polarization index. Housed in a rugged field case and operating on either battery or line power, the 6505 displays the test voltage, insulation resistance and the leakage current during the test. Capacitance of the sample and discharge voltage present at the test leads is displayed at the conclusion of the test.


2 Blade  > Bosch’s Edge for Metal Demolition reciprocating saw blades feature micro-edge technology. The powder metal steel alloy minimizes heat buildup for longer life and patented 2-by-2 tooth geometry delivers faster and cleaner cuts by effectively removing debris. The first set of teeth cut more aggressively and the smaller reinforced teeth follow. This alternating tooth pitch increases cutting speeds by 20 percent. The blades come in 6- and 9-in. lengths with kerfs of 0.035 in. (14 + 18 TPI), 0.042 in. (8 + 10 TPI) and 0.062 in. (8 + 10 TPI).


3 Personal Protective Equipment > Cementex’s fire-retardant-treated cotton arc flash kits include style selection plus hard hat with face shield and balaclava (or hood with kits with calorie ratings of 13 or higher), UV safety glasses, and standard storage bag. Standard inseam on pants is 32 in.



4 Drivers > Channellock’s 23 Code Blue screwdrivers and nutdrivers include seven slotted screwdrivers measuring 3/16 in.-by-4 in., 3/16 in.-by-6 in., 3/16 in.-by-8 in., ¼ in.-by-1½ in., ¼ in.-by-4 in., ¼ in.-by-6 in., and 3/8 in.-by-8 in.; and five Phillips screwdrivers measuring No. 1-by-4 in., No. 2-by-1½ in., No. 2-by-4 in., No. 2-by-6 in., and No. 3-by-6 in. All have magnetic tips, high-torque, three-sided grips and Go-Thru steel blades. The nutdriver line includes 3/16 in., ¼ in., 5/16 in., 11/32 in., 3/8 in., 7/16 in. and ½ in. with full hollow shafts. Each tool features high-torque, three-sided grips.


5 Safety Tools > CS Unitec’s nonsparking safety tools are designed to eliminate the risk of sparks at sites where explosive atmospheres may be present. They are manufactured from aluminum-bronze or copper-beryllium. Each tool is laser-engraved, indicating the Ex Zone classifications for which it can be used.


6 Soldering Station > Cooper Tools’ Weller WD1002T microprocessor-controlled soldering station includes the Stop+Go safety stand’s temperature offset, which allows users to program setback levels and temperature lockout from the WD1 control unit. A dry tip cleaner, integrated into the Stop+Go stand, reduces surface oxide buildup and maintains the thermal efficiency of the soldering tip, allowing the soldering iron to operate at lower temperatures.


7 Labeling Printer > DYMO Industrial’s Rhino 5200 handheld labeling printer has hot key-technology that allows users to automatically format and size labels for their most-used industrial applications, such as patch panels, electrical panels, terminal-blocks, modules, wires, cables and flags. It has simple, advanced and simultaneous serializations, multilabel views and more than 122 common preprogrammed datacom and electrical symbols.


8 Extension Cords > Engineered Products Co.’s medium- and heavy-duty extension cords are available in the following configurations: 14 AWG medium-duty extension cords—50 ft., 15 amp; 14 AWG medium-duty extension cords—100 ft., 13 amp; 12 AWG heavy-duty extension cords—50 ft., 15 amp; and 12 AWG heavy-duty extension cords—100 ft., 12 amp, all with or without optional LED receptacle or an optional tri-tap receptacle.


9 Tracking Device > Exaktime Inc.’s FastTrakker is a handheld device that workers carry with them to quickly clock in for any of 1,000 activities (cost codes) at any number of work sites. The latest addition to The JobClock System, FastTrakker adds detailed information to companies’ time and attendance tracking. Using a thumbwheel and LCD menu display that shows activities in either English or Spanish, workers select a cost code, then touch the FastTrakker to the JobClock to clock in.


10 Clamp Meter > Fluke’s 345 power quality clamp meter has a bright color power meter display to analyze the harmonic spectrum, a low-pass filter to remove high-frequency noise, and a high EMC immunity design. The Fluke 345 power analyzer is ideal for troubleshooting power quality on switching loads. It makes measurement of DC current possible without the need to break the circuit with the power meter. The internal memory of the power analyzer enables long-term power quality logging for analysis of trends or for intermittent problems.


11 Cable Puller > Gardner Bender’s Ultra Brutus 10,000-lb. cable puller can be set up by one person in two minutes. The assisted boom lift and rotating wheels make adjustments and steering a breeze. It has five conduit adapters and quick toolless angle adjustment, and the pulling direction can easily be changed. The swiveling casters help it move on dirt and gravel. The extended boom allows 12 feet of cable to be pulled from the conduit to the capstan.


12 Helmet > Gateway Safety’s Serpent ventilated safety helmet with CoolSense air-flow system lets heat escape, keeping workers cooler and therefore promoting compliance. A soft-cushioned brow pad helps absorb moisture and perspiration. It is made of durable, lightweight high-density polyethylene material, weighing 13.1 ounces. The soft, six-point nylon suspension is comfortable yet provides exceptional impact absorption. Serpent is available with a pin-lock or ratchet suspension, which adjusts to fit 6-5/8 to 8-¼ head sizes. A rain trough helps divert water from workers’ faces.


13 Borescope > General Tools & Instruments’ DCS1500 video borescope is part camera, part spyware and part tradesman’s tool. It enables users to view inside walls and other cavities that are otherwise inaccessible or that require more invasive, often damaging, efforts to penetrate. It features an ultraslim 5.5 mm external diameter camera tip that easily fits through small openings. Four adjustable, super-bright light-emitting diodes are built into the camera probe to illuminate the viewing area. Included are 30°, 45° and 60° mirrors and there are six optional probe lengths.


14 Laser > Hilti’s PR 26 rotating green laser has a built-in alignment system and is four times more visible to the human eye than other class III lasers. It has a range up to 650 feet with the laser receiver. Productivity is enhanced through the auto alignment system with remote control. The rotation alignment function is available, and the remote control doubles as a laser receiver to save time and reduce labor costs. Each standard tool comes with a rechargeable battery pack and charger to provide each customer 22 hours of continuous working time per full charge.


15 Rotary Hammer > Hitachi Power Tools’ DH40MRY rotary hammer operates in hammer-drilling and hammer-only mode and has user vibration protection that reduces the full-load triaxial vibration by up to 60 percent to significantly decrease user fatigue while extending tool life by 30 percent. Extended-wear carbon brushes have an auto-stop feature to alert the user in time for simple and routine maintenance checks. An idle strike restrictor prevents no-load activation. The dust-proof structures with oil seals and o-rings guard the switches and internal components from harmful debris, while sealed lubrication systems prevent grease leakage. It operates between 240 and 480 with an impact rate of 1,320–2,650 bpm.


16 Fish Tape/Rod Set > Klein Tools, Inc.’s Depthfinder 1/8-in. steel fish tape, Depthfinder 25-ft.-by-¼-in. steel fish tape, Navigator 3/16-in. nylon fish tape, 12-ft. fish rod set., 15-ft. glow rod set, pull line, premium synthetic wax lubricant, 1 quart premium synthetic clear lubricant, EMT aluminum conduit bender and Aerohead 1-in. EMT conduit bender are available from Home Depot.


17 Tool Kit > Knight’s tool kits for all trades can be assembled to meet individual requirements. The complete electricians, field service and crimping kits include termination tool kits, seven-piece insulated screwdriver set, circuit breaker identifier, noncontact voltage tester, and M3900 voltage and continuity tester. The fiber optics/telecom kit includes 38-piece fiber optic termination kit and 68-piece fiber optic installer’s kit.



18 Wrench > Lowell Corp.’s Simplex strap wrenches have a cast metal handle and a durable polyester fiber strap that is treated with latex for extra grip. They also features a unique nose configuration. The combination gives the user a lot of gripping power but minimizes the risk of marring or damaging highly polished or painted surfaces. Four handle lengths are available: 6 in. (4-in. standard diameter capacity); 12 in., (2-in. capacity); 18 in. (5-in. capacity); and 24 in. (12-in. capacity). Strap widths range from ½ in. to 2¼ in. and lengths from 17 in. to 54 in. Custom strap lengths are available on request.


19 Magnifier > Luxo’s JFM Magnifier is a medium-duty illuminated magnifier designed for inspection, assembly and rework applications. A 45-in. or 30-in. external spring-balanced arm allows for infinite positioning. An adjustable neck supports the head, so it can move vertically and horizontally to provide total flexibility. The lenses are mounted in an aluminum housing that is noncorrosive and durable. The inside is finished in white to optimize and evenly distribute light. JFM Magnifiers are colored in light gray, and models come standard with an edge clamp bracket. 


20 Grips > Maxis’ gripping system uses both a cam lock head and a double braided grip to quickly secure cable to rope without the fear of losing a conductor. They grip securely to prelube wire and can be disconnected in two minutes without cutting. They easily bend and move through conduit, over rollers and around 90° turns.


21 Luminaire > McGill’s String-O-Lights comes assembled and ready for use. Each package contains five or 10 socket-and-cage units on 50- to 200-ft. lengths of cable. The lights feature a patented cage fastened to noncorrosive sockets that snap open and closed without tools. The brass sockets are enclosed in molded PVC.



22 Cable Locator > Megger’s split-box pipe and cable locator is a handheld instrument consisting of a transmitter and a receiver that traces underground conductive networks, such as water and gas mains, telephone, cable TV and electric power cables. It determines buried-line depth and locates underground metallic masses, such as valve caps and manhole covers.


23 Floodlight > Molex/Woodhead 289 wide-area portable floodlight for hazardous locations has two, 300W quartz halogen lamps with reflective parabolic enclosure to provide instant-on, high-output, efficient light source with easy relamping. It has a cast-aluminum enclosure and guard with heavy-duty rubber bumper; articulating, dual-head assembly; and sturdy, lightweight, collapsible tripod with height adjustment.


24 Carrying Cases > Pelican Products Inc.’s Fluke Extreme Cases are available in three models with inserts adapted to fit a variety of Fluke DMMs, including the new Fluke 287 and 289 true-rms logging multimeters and the Fluke 87V industrial multimeter. They measure 27.9 x 31.8 x 12.7 cm (11 x 12.5 x 5 in.) length, height and width.



25 Bender > The Pipe Viper is available in several sizes ranging from ½ in., ¾ in., 1 in., 1¼ in., 1½ in., 2 in., 2½ in., 3 in. to 4 in. The Pipe Viper is a preplated carbon steel spring that allows users to easily bend schedule 40 PVC or PVC conduit with no kinking or collapsing while maintaining the smooth interior of the pipe.


26 Knife/Saw > Rapid Tools’ Warrior transforms from a utility knife to a utility saw with one twist of the wrist. Toggle the heavy-duty mechanism up a quarter inch and slip in or remove any standard utility blade. Toggle down and insert or replace any manufacturer’s standard reciprocating saw blade. Nothing to unscrew; no pieces to keep track of; just switch it, click it and you’re ready to go.


27 Pen Light > Streamlight Inc.’s PolyStylus, an ultra-slim, ultra-tough FiberWrap fiberglass polymer pen light, is equipped with a high-intensity LED that is available in four LED colors. The PolyStylus’ high-intensity, 5-mm LED is impervious to shock and boasts a 100,000-hour lifetime.



28 Level > Swanson Tools’ Wood Magnet snaps securely onto any 2-in.-wide piece of lumber creating an instant long level. It doubles as an easy-to-use post level, too. It has three precision, easy-to-read vials, weighs 9 oz. and measures 8¾ in. high by 3½ in. wide by 2½ in. deep. It has a cutout saddle for leveling posts and pipes and a cradle for 4-in. pipes and square posts.


29 Compression Tool > Thomas & Betts Comfort Crimp compression tools have a patented linkage design and ergonomically designed soft grip handles that reduce strain and increase comfort. The crimping tools cover a broad range of compression connectors including Sta-Kon insulated and noninsulated terminals, heat shrinkable terminals, and select Color-Keyed lugs. The Crimp Assist foot helps stabilize the tool against the work surface while performing difficult crimps on larger connectors.


30 Drill Bit > Vermont American’s WoodEater drill bits have a self-feed screw tip that drills three times faster than standard spade bits. The bit is constructed of hardened carbon steel. The single-construction heat-treated shank provides stability and eliminates wobble. The dual cutting spurs are angled to score the hole on entry and exit, leaving a cleaner hole and reducing blowout. Bits are available with a three-flat grip tight shank in diameters of ½, 5/8, ¾, 7/8, 1, 11/8, 1¼, 13/8 and 1½ in.


31 Tool Bag > Veto Pro Pac open top XL king-sized, all-purpose tool bag is 18 in. high by 16.5 in. long by 9.5 in. wide. (12 in. high with handle folded down). It is made of PVC-impregnated 1,800 denier waterproof nylon bodies on a 3-mm-thick polypropylene base, and holds more than 80 hand tools, features 44 pockets of varying sizes, and outside mounted tape clip, and extra-wide padded shoulder strap.


32 Cutters > Wiha No. 32854 Inomic diagonal cutters 1,000V have an advanced ergonomic design. The tool head is mounted at optimal 23° offset for natural hand and wrist alignment. The grip is low-weight fiberglass reinforced with a soft palm zone. The heads are drop forged premium chrome vanadium tool steel with long-life induction hardened cutting edges and jaws. Each tool has a convenient jaw lock and grip return spring.



33 Pliers > Xuron’s precision pliers are offered with 10 specialized head styles for use in a wide range of applications. Constructed from high-carbon steel with a glare-eliminating black finish, they have Light-Touch return springs and Xuro-Rubber cushioned hand grips. The Model 450 tweezer nose can pick up a human hair and the 450BN bent nose provides improved sight lines when working in tight spaces.