1 LADDER > Werner’s compact, three-section extension ladders reduce to 20–25 percent shorter than standard two-piece extension ladders in the closed position, which aids in transportation inside and on top of vehicles. Available in five sizes, ranging from 16 ft. to 32 ft., they are constructed of nonmetallic fiberglass, which makes them safe for working near electrical sources.



2 TAPE MEASURE > TekForce’s pipe-friendly tape measure features a patented endpiece with a built-in J-shaped hook that enables users to easily attach its blade to the edge of a thin object, such as pipe, conduit, sheet metal, siding and paneling.



3 HOLE CUTTER > Champion Cutting Tool’s 10-piece CT5 master electrical hole cutter set was designed for electrical, mechanical and HVAC contractors. It includes 7/8-, 11/8-, 13/8-, 1¾-, 2-, 2½-, 3-, 35/8-, 41/8- and 4½-in. carbide-tipped CT5 hole cutters in a plastic case. They cut steel plate, iron, aluminum, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, fiber-reinforced plastic and plastics.



4 TRACER > Smart Box’s tracer tool enables users to trace 2-in.-by-3-in. work box outlines on surfaces for proper installation in walls. Integrated vertical and horizontal levels and a center-point location mark assist in placement of the tracer.



5 BLOWER > Condux International’s miniblower/pusher is used with a cordless, corded or pneumatic drill for difficult job sites and last-mile fiber installations. It can install fiber optic cables with diameters from 0.23 in. to 0.50 in. into microduct, 10 mm to 18 mm, or traditional duct from 0.50 in. to 1.5 in. It can be further configured to push/install duct rod into conduit and innerduct.



6 FUSE PULLER > Ideal Industries’ Safe-T-Grip fuse puller features fully insulated, high-dielectric, glass-filled polypropylene construction with notched handles for a no-slip grip. It eliminates the danger of shock, burns or bending fuse slips through improper removal of cartridge-type fuses and is available in three sizes to handle fuses ranging from 0 to 600A.



7 SCREWDRIVER SET > Pittsburgh Professional’s 96075 six-piece precision electrical screwdriver set is insulated for protection up to 1,000V. It contains Phillips drivers No. 00, No. 0 and No. 1. It also contains 5/64-in., 3/32-in. and 1/8-in. slotted drivers.

8 CRIMPER > SK Professional Tools’ 8½-in. wire crimper has six crimp stations for cutting, crimping and stripping 10 to 22 AWG. It features hardened carbon alloy construction with a black oxide finish and a cushion-grip handle.



9 CONNECTOR TOOL > Thomas & Betts’s Blackburn Hydraulic PowerTap System is a battery-powered wedge-tap connector installation tool that eliminates the need to use a powder-actuated, fire-on style tool. It features a quick-connect coupler that allows for a fast, positive engagement between the tool head assembly and the power unit. It is available with two head sizes to cover a full range of connectors and stirrups.



10 FISH TAPE > Klein Tools’ nonconductive fiberglass fish tape combines measuring and fishing into a single step. Its permanent laser-etched measurements marked in descending 1-ft. increments enables users to know how much tape remains on the reel. It features a durable, flexible 7-in. leader capable of sliding through existing wires or cables and multiple bends. Available in 50-, 100- and 200-ft. lengths.



11 CABLE PULL TOOL > West Industries’ LaserLine cable pull string installation tool accurately installs (shoots) a pull line up to 120 ft. through most web trusses, across suspended ceiling systems, over hard-to-move objects, under subflooring or in any limited-access area. Once the route has been established, users aim the laser sight at the proposed install path and pull the trigger. Next, attach cable(s), and pull them across. Then supports can be placed (typically at 5-ft. intervals).



12 CORING SYSTEM > Hilti’s DD 150-U Diamond coring system enables users to drill by hand or with a core stand in wet or dry conditions. The wet-drilling mode is recommended for rig-based drilling in concrete for cable trays and ducts, the installation of railings and barriers, and setting anchors and reinforcing bars. It can be switched for hand-guided, dry-drilling applications.



13 WRENCH > Burndy’s BTW30150 and BTW150750 micro-adjustable ratcheting torque wrenches have easy-to-read, precision laser-marked scales in torque values that correspond to Burndy connector recommendations and are calibrated for use in both directions. They feature a quick-release pushbutton that both locks the fastener in place and accommodates changes.



14 DRILL/TAP KIT > Greenlee’s six-piece combination drill/tap bit kit drills, taps and deburrs/countersinks in one operation. It is designed to tap up to 10-gauge metal and can be used on steel, copper, brass and aluminum. A quick-change adaptor is included in both metric and standard kits.



15 THERMOMETER > DeWalt’s DCT416S1 12V MAX lithium-ion imaging thermometer measures temperature and displays visual and thermal images to help pinpoint problems such as overloaded circuits or wiring issues. It measures between 14°F/C and 480°F/C. The 2.2-in. color screen can change from an all-thermal to blended image to all-visual display. A micro SD card allows images to be captured, displayed and shared. Report-writing software is included.



16 HAMMER DRILL > Hitachi Power Tools’ model DV18DBL 18V lithium-ion brushless hammer drill has a multistage clutch that delivers 22 torque settings, a hammer setting and a drill setting—all controlled by a single aluminum clutch ring. The ½-in. ratcheting keyless chuck is all metal and includes carbide inserts for secure bit retention when hammering into concrete. In “low” mode, it can achieve 0–200/250/300 or 400 RPM for driving fasteners. In “high” mode, it outputs 0–900/1,100/1,400 or 1,800 rpm and 0–27,000 bpm on the hammer setting for drilling applications.



17 CONDUIT BENDER > Rack-a-Tier Manufacturing’s Hoppy bender is designed for making stub- ups, offsets and back-to-back and saddle bends. A stop attached to the bender head is used to create exact and repeatable bends. Markers are engraved into the bender for placing the stop prior to making offsets and four-point saddles. It features 22.5- and 45-degree marks for placement of conduit bend marks as well as standard degree marks for stop placement, used together for bending three-point saddles without reversing the conduit in the shoe.



18 HAND SAW > Lenox Tool’s PVC/ABS plastic pipe hand saw can cut any size diameter plastic pipe, wood and nail-embedded wood. It features a wide, rigid, carbon steel blade with hardened teeth and a heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum handle with a rubberized grip. The blade can be mounted on the bottom of the handle for flush cutting applications. For safety, the teeth cut on the pull stroke and not on the push stroke It is available with an 18-in. or 12-in. blade.



19 LEVEL > Checkpoint’s 880 G3 Torpedo laser level is accurate to within ¼-in. at 100 ft. and is three-dimensionally aligned from all planes of reference. It has four 45-minute arc vials at 0, 30, 45 and 90 degrees and one top-view vial with four neodymium rare earth magnets on the base. A threaded mount is included for use as a transit on any camera or survey tripod. It accepts all Checkpoint lenses.



20 CAT 5 INSTALLATION KIT > Paladin Tools’ 901053 DataReady Cat 5 installation kit has a crimper that allows the user to crimp, cut and strip RJ-45, RJ-11/RJ-12 and RJ-22 handset plugs and cut and strip 28- to 22-AWG round UTP/STP phone, data and flat satin cable. The kit also includes a SurePunch punchdown tool with 66/110 blade, data SureStrip cutter/stripper, 20 RJ-45 connectors, the LAN ID continuity tester and cable check network identifier. It comes in a soft zipper case.



21 PLIERS > Milwaukee Tool’s 6-in-1 9-in. lineman’s pliers can be used for reaming pipe, cutting bolts, pulling fish tape, pulling nails, cutting nails and for standard plier applications. It features integrated No. 6 and No. 8 bolt cutters, a reaming head for deburring of metal pipe, induction hardened jaws, and durable rubber grips.



22 HEAT GUN > Bosch’s 14.3A heavy-duty heat gun has a powerful blower that provides a high volume of air for such applications as stripping paint, shrink-wrapping, loosening fittings, thawing pipes, and softening caulk and surface finishes. It offers a 750–1,000°F/C temperature range and has a cool air setting. It features an insulated nozzle to protect the user and keep a low external temperature. Its padded, adjustable stand allows hands-free use.