1 Drill Bit > Ideal’s step drill bits have a split-point tip for quick initial penetration, resulting in less resistance and extended bit life. The double-fluted design also ensures more balanced and exact cutting through brass, plastic, stainless steel and wood. The self-starting point that eliminates starter holes or punches, even on curved surfaces. The bits come in sizes from 1/8-in. to 13/8-in. and are ruggedly constructed of hardened steel protected by a titanium nitride coating.


2 Laser > Hilti’s PMC 36 compact combilaser performs a variety of alignment and setting out tasks, including checking plumbs, leveling and setting out right angles. It can project up to five easily visible points and two reference lines (horizontal and vertical) at the touch of a button. The tool has several attachment points and can be mounted on various wall mounts or magnetic brackets, ceiling clamps or telescopic braces. The laser beam can be detected at distances of 100 ft. or more, even in unfavorable lighting conditions.


3 Soldering Tips > American Beauty’s Paragon soldering iron tips have a tellurium copper core protected by a uniform iron-clad layer for longer life. The tips come in a variety of shapes, including chisel, conical, diamond and screwdriver in various shank diameters, tapers and lengths. The tips can fit in any soldering iron that accepts plug-type tips.


4 Nailer > Paslode’s CF-325 cordless framing nailer uses a “no-step” fuel canister that allows the user to drop the fuel can in the compartment and begin nailing. The nailer drives reliably from the first nail to the last with no delays between drives. Its specially designed nosepiece also allows toe-nailing at any angle. It uses Paslode RounDrive 30° paper tape head nails from 2–3.25 in. and can hold up to 47 paper-collated fasteners (one strip and five nails).


5 Hacksaw > CS Unitec’s model 5 1212 0050 pneumatic hacksaw has a blade stroke of 23/8-in. and will cut up to 24-in. diameter pipe in one pass. The hacksaw is compact and lightweight at only 16 lbs., making it easy to handle and operate even in small spaces. The hacksaw has a 1.5-hp air motor and uses CFI air volume at 90 PSI air pressure. The saw can use heavy-duty blades from 8–37 in. and are available in both HSS and HSS-SL with molybdenum for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel and hard alloys.


6 Pliers > Channellock’s 369CRFT linemens pliers allow the user to loop fish tape through the nose of the pliers and pull it through in one straight motion. The tool’s joint path guides fish tape without kinking, binding, bending or breaking. The pliers also contain a built-in 12 AWG wire stripper and precision 12 AWG recess for creating wire loops fast. The pliers have a crimper/crusher for both insulated and noninsulated wires, and its laser heat-treated knife/anvil cutters last three times longer than average pliers. The pliers have comfort grips for easy operation.

7 Screwdriver > Klein Tools’ Journeyman screwdriver has advanced blade technology for superior blade strength and maximum turning power. The screwdriver has an ultra-comfortable soft outer grip bonded to a solid inner core to provide control, grip and balance. Klein’s Tip-Indent dome mark allows instant tip recognition and orientation for quick and accurate fastener alignment. The screwdrivers are available in Phillips, cabinet and keystone styles with blade lengths of 4 or 6 in.


8 Cable Detector > Ditch Witch’s 150R/T pipe- and cable-avoidance system detects common, active, passive and beacon frequencies. It helps contractors avoid buried utilities before underground work begins. The detector’s optional beacon enables the user to trace water, sewer and drain lines. The detector has a simple interface with only four buttons and an easy-to-read display. The detector is available in either 640 Hz, 30 kHz or 83 kHz frequencies and is easy to transport, weighing only 5 lbs.   


9 Flashlight > Spectronics’ Spectroline Optimax 365 cordless, rechargeable UVA LED flashlight produces a steady-state UVA intensity of 50,000 μW/cm² at a distance of 6 in. When used with spectroline fluorescent fluid dyes, it can pinpoint leaks in hydraulic systems. The flashlight’s LED lamp has a lifetime of 30,000 hours, and the light’s rechargeable battery offers 90 minutes of continuous inspection time between charges. The flashlight weighs just 11.8 ounces and is designed to provide ultimate comfort during inspections.


10 Cable Tester > Fluke’s MicroMapper Pro VDV cable tester has a one-button “quick check” feature that runs a full wiremap test for twisted-pair cabling and shows the type of fault (miswires, reversals, split pairs and breaks) as well as the distance to the fault. It eliminates the need for adapters when testing twisted pair and coax cables to allow faster transitions between voice, data and video cable testing. The tool also includes an analog toning option that allows the user to locate and isolate wires during installation.   


11 Pliers > Gardner Bender’s Circuit Alert linemens pliers can cut cable and wire, crimp terminals, hammer staples, and even check for live wires. The pliers have a hammerhead surface and use cross-knurled jaws for firm gripping, precision hardened cutting blades, a terminal crimping station and a diagonal cutting head. They are made from forged steel and have an over-molded comfort grip.


12 Combination Tool > OEL’s Combination insulated tools are double-insulated up to 1,000V AC maximum exposure, ensuring maximum safety when working with electricity. It is designed to provide a greater area of force application compared with conventional tools without distorting a nut or bolt head. Each socket or spanner can fit either a metric or an inch series fastener, meaning fewer tools need to be carried around. The tool also offers a no-slip grip for further safety options.     


13 Spade Bit Set > Vermont American’s spade bit set includes 10 spade bits and an LED headlamp for hands-free convenience in dark installations. The bits use a RapidFeed tip, which is threaded like a screw and pulls the bit through the wood for faster cutting, also resulting in less strain on the tool and on the user’s arms. The kit includes 6-inch bits from 3/8-to 1-inch and 4-inch bits in 1/2-, 3/4-  and 1-inch diameters.


14 Screw Anchor > Powers Fasteners’ Tapper+ screw anchor can handle virtually any light- to medium-duty fastening application in concrete, block and brick base material. The anchors are available in either hex or flat head styles and range from 3/16- to 6-in. The anchors are easy to install and provide a neat, finished appearance.