1 Wrench > Channellock Inc.’s 4-in-1 ratcheting wrench set does the work of eight combination wrenches or sockets with two tools. The two wrenches have four different sizes built into each, with 12-point sockets that offer more points of contact and allow for one-handed operation.


2 Hole Saw > AutomationDirect’s RUKO bimetal hole saws, in sizes ranging from 9/16-in. to 8¼-in., feature up to 1½-in. cutting depth and are available in two models. High-speed steel saws cut materials such as unalloyed steel, nonferrous and light metals, plastics, plasterboard and light building boards, fiberboard, plywood and wood. Cobalt 8 saws, with fine cutting teeth, work with metals such as alloyed and nonalloyed steels; high chromium alloyed steels, such as stainless steel; steels resistant to rust and acids; nonferrous and light metals. Constructed with an alloyed steel 6135 jacket, the saws feature high rotational precision, positive chipping and cutting angles, and good chip removal. Slots in the jacket side aid in the removal of cutouts. The hole saw and shank are in two parts.


3 Conduit Reamer > Klein Tools’ conduit reamer locks onto screwdrivers to ream and smooth thin-wall conduit. It reams ID and OD at the same time. It fits up to 3/8-in. keystone-tip screwdrivers and has two set-screws to fit round- or square-shank screwdrivers.


4 Drill Bits > Greenlee’s 68-piece electrician’s drill/driver bit kit consists of the most commonly used professional-grade bit types and sizes stored in one place. The self-centering high-speed drill bits are coated with titanium nitride for enhanced performance, no bit walking and extended life. The masonry drill bits come with carbide-grade tips and a hardened shank that is hammer/drill rated for better impact driving. The kit also has security bits that fit most security fasteners frequently used in public facilities. Every bit and drill features ¼-in. quick change technology. The strong magnetic nut drivers fit most TapCon fasteners, and the quick-release chuck ensures a precise fit.


5 Rotary Hammer > Hitachi Power Tools’ DH38YE2 1½-in. spline shank rotary hammer is compact and ergonomically designed to hammer or hammer/drill holes in concrete for anchors or rebar; to demolish and chisel concrete; and to cut, dig, tamp or drive ground rods. The 8.4 Amp motor delivers 950 watts of input power and produces 5.9 ft./lbs. of impact energy. It has a full load speed of 510 rpm and a full load impact rate of 2,800 bpm, and only gives off vibration levels of 18.8 m/s2 (full load) and a noise level of 95.2 dB (full load). It has a safety clutch, a dustproof cover, auto-stop carbon brushes, an elastomer handle and an adjustable 360° side handle. It weighs 14.1 lbs.


6 Cable Tie Cutters > The Xuron’ Model 2275 quick-cutter features micro-shear bypass cutting technology that square-cuts cable ties rather than pinching them (which leaves spikes that can cut or scratch workers). It is suited for rapidly cutting cable ties and produces a clean, flat cut that is smooth, attractive and safe for workers to handle. The cutter has soft rubber hand grips, a light-touch return spring and no finger loops.


7 Pliers > Knipex’s 97 53 08 self-adjusting crimping pliers have repetitive, high crimping quality due to integral lock (self-releasing mechanism) and optimum transmission of force due to lever action for fatigue-reduced operation. They are used for for crimping end sleeves (ferrules), according to DIN 46228 parts 1 + 4, and for solder-free electrical connections that allow front loading of the ferrules and square crimping for optimum contact areas in the clamp connection.


8 Level > Swanson’s lightning level has three, precision acrylic block vials that can be brightly lit with one button and is extremely accurate (0.0005 in. per foot). It has auto shutoff after 10 minutes of nonuse and advanced rubber-polymer, super shock end caps. The insulated battery compartment with screw-down cover takes two AAA batteries. It is available in 24- and 48-in. models, with or without magnets.

9 Screwdriver > Makita’s FS2500 and FS2701 2,500 rpm screwdrivers have a 6 amp motor. Both have a large variable-speed trigger with lock-in button for continuous use, an ergonomically designed grip, and a cast-aluminum gear housing. An LED illuminates the work surface and a metal-reinforced belt clip offers durability. The FS2500 weighs 3.4 lbs. and has an adjustable depth locator assembly with sure-lock feature for consistent screw depth. The FS2500 has a no-load speed of 0–2,500 rpm for a range of applications. The FS2701 weighs 3.5 lbs., with 6-stage torque adjustment and a no-load speed of 0–2,500 rpm.


10 Pliers > Irwin Tools’ vise-grip GrooveLock pliers have new jaw designs including smooth jaws and straight jaws with patented press-and-slide-button technology. All pliers have right-angle teeth grip in all directions, antipinch ProTouch grips, multigroove ratcheting system and all-purpose jaws adjust to grip flat, round, hex and square surfaces.


11 Compression Tool > Thomas & Betts’ Sta-Kon comfort crimp compression tool has over-molded handles that naturally place the hands in a safe, strain-reducing position, while creating a soft cushion for both fingers and palms.  A crimp-assist foot stabilizes the tool when the user needs to place it on a work surface for additional leverage to crimp larger connectors. The Shure-Stake mechanism ensures a complete crimp cycle is made before it will release to the open position. Interchangeable dies with color-coded die nests for easy matching with Sta-Kon insulated terminals also are incorporated.


12 Embosser > Dymo Rhino’s M1011 cast-aluminum metal tape embosser is designed for heavy-duty performance in rigid and harsh environments, and for industrial and factory tasks. It imprints 12 mm wide metal, aluminium and vinyl tapes that withstand weather, temperature and corrosion. The front scissor cutoff makes rounded corners for safe label application. A built-in hole-punch device lets users apply labels with nails and screws, and it has cable-tie slot punch for cable marking.


13 Conductor Lifter > Diversified Products’ roller conductor lifters are constructed of high-strength lightweight steel and are designed for use in conjunction with an insulated link supported by the same crane or derrick being used to hold other conductors. This frees up bucket trucks or other equipment. Single and dual roller conductor lifters are available. The single lifter weighs 15 lbs. and has a lift capacity of 2,000 lbs. The dual lifter weighs 40 lbs. and has a working load of 4,000 lbs., while spacing the two conductors either 16 or 18 in. apart. Each lifter supports a maximum cable diameter of 1.5 in., and rated capacity information is clearly marked. A pivoting gate over each roller retains the conductor within the lifter, and an attachment point for a hot stick allows linemen to guide the lifter.


14 Fish Tape > Ideal Industries’ Tuff-Grip Pro fish tape is now available with laser-etched versions of blued steel and stainless steel tapes. Both can be purchased separately as replacement tapes or bought preinstalled. Permanent laser etched 1-foot increments enable electricians to accurately and instantly measure conduit length, always letting the user know how much tape they have left to payout. Etched measurements will never rub off with wear. It can also be upgraded with Speed-Grip, a vertical grip that achieves a faster payout and rewind, is ergonomically engineered to put less strain on the wrist, and has a large hand opening for use with bulky gloves.


15 Saw Blades > Lenox Demolition reciprocating saw blades with T2 technology are the widest demolition blades in the category and provide maximum durability and control when cutting through the toughest construction materials. They have optimized tooth geometry for each tooth per inch (TPI) blade specification. Each TPI has a unique tooth shape and set pattern to minimize friction and cut more efficiently. Lenox 6-in. T2 wood-cutting reciprocating saw blades have a plunge-cutting tooth design on the tip of the blade that makes plunge cuts faster and easier.


16 Cable Management System > WatMan’s Mille-Tie reusable, releasable quick-fit fastener has 305 mm cable management strips with 33 cells that are soft, flexible and optimized for Category 6 and fiber optic use. They are ideal for low-voltage wiring applications. Each strip can yield three or four ties or can be used for multiple binding. It can be rethreaded to release the strip or left primed for quick release.


17 Saw Blades > Vermont American’s King Carbide circular saw blades with patented C3 Dyanite carbide are constructed with a heavy, fully hardened plate to resist deflection under load and to eliminate wobble or run-out. The laser-cut body allows precision tolerances for accurate cuts, and is coated with a clear finish, which reduces friction and heat and resists pitch buildup. The blades are designed with a trimetal shim braze between the steel blade body and carbide teeth, which act as a shock absorber. Sizes range from 6½-in. to 12-in. diameters to fit most portable and stationary saws including hand-held, miter, table and radial arm. The 7¼-in. blades include a diamond knockout arbor to fit wormdrive models, and come in a protective, reusable plastic container.


18 Reciprocating Saw > Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.’s Hackzall M18 cordless one-handed reciprocating saw has a dual-gear antivibration system to achieve an extremely low vibration level. A powerful motor delivers 0–3,000 strokes per minute, and a ¾-in. stroke length rapidly cuts through a wide range of material, such as wood, metal and PVC. It is compatible with both the M18 XC high-capacity lithium-ion battery and the M18 Compact lithium-ion battery, allowing users to choose the best battery for their application. The Quik-Lok blade clamp offers fast, tool-free blade changes for Sawzall and Hackzall blades.