1 Insulation Tester > Megger’s MIT200 insulation and continuity tester has a CAT 3 1,000V rating. If it is accidentally connected to a live circuit, an audible warning immediately sounds, the instrument’s display shows the voltage present and testing is inhibited. The tester’s backlit LCD uses a large analog-style arc to provide rapid indication of results with a digital readout to give accurate numerical data for inclusion in reports and test certificates. Its continuity tests are fully automatic, freeing both hands without pressing the test button.


2 Thermometer > Ideal’s infrared noncontact thermometer can record the temperature of mechanical equipment, electrical breakers and building systems from a distance while machinery and circuits are in operation. It can measure temperatures from –76°F to 932°F and a built-in laser pointer identifies the center of the measurement area. Maximum, minimum, average and differential temperature readings are instantly displayed on the meter’s backlit LCD. An operator can program high and low temperature points with audible alarm warnings that are activated when the temperature exceeds an established point.


3 Tester > West Coast Custom Design’s tube testers can test fluorescent bulbs, metal halide lamps and LEDs, as well as LED color. When its antenna is touched to the tubing wall or electrode wires, viable tubing will light up and pulsate, making it easier to test lighting in bright sunlight. The tester is available in AA battery or rechargeable models and is compact with an extendable antenna.


4 Video and Audio Test Generator > Extron’s VTG 400DVI advanced programmable video and audio test generator assists in the setup, calibration and troubleshooting of complex digital video and audio systems. It delivers accurate, full bandwidth video signal reproduction and high performance audio test signals. When new EDID data is received from a DVI device, its native resolution is displayed on the LCD. It offers 34 video test patterns with adjustable levels and seven audio test reference signals with selectable frequencies and output levels.


5 Meter > Amprobe’s ultrasonic distance meter can take either single or continuous measurements up to 50 feet. It can calculate area and volume as well as add measurement results. The meter uses a laser pointer for easy targeting and can measure in either feet or meters.


6 Meter > AEMC’s PowerPad power quality analyzer can measure and carry out diagnostic and power quality work on one-, two- or three-phase networks. It is easy to use, compact and shock resistant. The meter’s 2 GB of memory can store four different data types either synchronized or independent of each other. It has four voltage and four current inputs and can capture and store inrush current.


7 Meter > Fluke’s ColorScopeMeter 225C tests electrical signals passing through an industrial bus while comparing the parameters to industry standards for that bus type. It can also show an “eyepattern” display to visually check the overall signal quality. The meter shows standard minimum and maximum values measured over time as well as reference values to give the user an idea of the system’s behavior. Tested parameters include signal amplitudes, bias voltage, rise and fall times, jitter, distortion and noise levels.


8 Carbon Dioxide Monitor > Extech’s CO200 carbon dioxide monitor has a CO2 sensor as well as a visible and audible warning alarm with relay output for ventilation control. It is designed for monitoring air quality in schools, office buildings, greenhouses, factories, hotels and hospitals. The monitor displays indoor air quality as “good”, “normal” or “poor” and has an automatic baseline or manual calibration. It has a wide temperature and humidity range and has a max/min CO2 recall function.


9 Temperature Probes > Automation Direct’s ProSense RTD temperature probe provides accurate and reliable feedback in temperature control and monitoring applications. It a uses 4-wire, 100-ohm platinum sensing element and can measure temperatures between –40 and 302°F. The probe is 10 mm in diameter and comes in lengths from 160–560 mm.