1 Tester > Hioki’s clamp-on leak Hitester 3293-50 has a flip clamp design and enables users to measure for leakage current and load of commercial frequency components using the filter function. It has 1 mA to 1,000A accuracy guaranteed, 6 ranges and bar graph display. It has a cut-off frequency of 180 Hz at filter on (-3dB)



2 Meter > Milwaukee’s heavy-duty True-RMS meter accurately measures all applications, and has a CAT III 600V rating for safety, AC voltage range of 6 mV to 600V DC voltage range of 600 mV to 600V DC, resistance measurement from 600 ohms to 40 Mohm, and frequency measurement from 10Hz to 50 kHz. It detects continuity at less than 30 ohms, has current measurement to 10 amps AC/DC, a hold function, a min/max function and digital bar graph readout, a black-on-white display and backlight and proprietary rail system for mounting accessories.



3 Tester > Megger MOM2 micro-ohmmeter carries out tests at currents up 220A. It is suitable for testing busbar and cable joints and carrying out contact-resistance measurements on low-, medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers. It supports DualGround testing for circuit breakers. It is autoranging and measures resistance from 1 micro-ohm to 1 ohm, displaying results on a large LCD that shows the start of charge of the ultra capacitor. It can store up to 190 test results that can be downloaded with a wireless Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth also can be used for an audible pass/fail signal against user-adjustable limits.



4 Tester > Ideal Industries Networks’ handheld NaviTEK II Ethernet service and cable tester enables users to validate, troubleshoot and resolve slow network performance and downtime. The 3.5-in. LEC screen features an onscreen keyboard and displays pin-by-pin wiremaps. Both IPv6 and IPv4 can be tested using an IP ping to measure response of DHCP and to ensure end-to-end connectivity. It has a trace route function to map network connections.



5 Meter > Extech’s light meter/datalogger records data on an SD card in Excel format for easy transfer to a PC for analysis. It stores 99 readings manually and 20 million readings on the SD card with a range to 10,000 Fc or 100 kLux. It uses a precision silicon photo diode and spectral response filter. The offset adjustment is used for zero function to make relative measurements, and it has an adjustable data sampling rate of 1 to 3,600 seconds. It has record/recall min/max readings, data hold plus auto power off with disable function, and a PC interface.



6 Meter > Amprobe’s ACDC-52NAV Navigator clamp-on meter’s diagnostic capabilities include phase sequence, power and power factor, total harmonics distortion and individual harmonics, in-rush current, and low pass filter. It is rated CAT IV, 600V/CAT III, 1000 V and replaces buttons with a single navigation joystick that allows quick selection of measurement features on the display from max/min to power factor to AC/DC current, with many more available.



7 Meter > Fluke’s 365 CAT III, 600V clamp meter has a thin, small detachable jaw that makes it easy to get around tightly packed wires. It measures 200A AC and DC current, 600V AC and DC voltage measurement and has a built in flashlight/torch.



8 Tester > Klein Tools’ CL3200 200A AC fork voltage tester has an extra-large jaw opening that accepts 3/0 wire and a short jaw depth for increased access in tight spaces. The noncontact voltage tester measures low impedance, has a backlit display and an analog bar graph. There is a worklight in the jaw area, a side-mounted dial for ease of use, and a magnetic mount to secure the meter and free the operator’s hands.



9 Meter > Greenlee’s DM-65 digital multimeter has CAT III, 600V to 1,000V safety rating; a large, easy-to-read digital display with bar graph; and replaceable fuses for easy field repair. It is manual and auto-ranging, with resistance up to 60 M.



10 Tester > AEMC’s C.A 6116 multifunction ground resistance tester is an all-in-one tool for electrical installation testing that is suitable for all types of neutral systems (TT, TN, IT). It can be used in all industrial, commercial and residential markets. The user can view all the essential results at a glance on the large backlit graphic display. The rotary switch on the instrument’s front panel gives direct access to all functions. A range of audible alarms and visual symbols are available for quick interpretation of the results.

11 Tester > Control Module Industry’s Model 3840 electrician handheld electric vehicle service equipment tester is a durable, portable device that is small enough to fit in a tool box and verifies power and safety requirements. The unit’s microprocessor tests a charger’s voltage, power transmission and overall operation. It also checks ground fault, pilot and pulse width to confirm they are functioning properly.