1 License Plate Capture Camera > Speco’s weatherproof close-range, high-contrast license plate capture camera delivers sharp, clear license-plate captures, even of vehicles moving up to 55 mph. It has a 9–22 mm varifocal IR-corrected lens that optimizes day/night performance, even in very low light conditions and captures a wide 10–27 ft. field. It has 36 powerful 850 nm IRs that work even in total darkness to deliver clear license plate images. The cable-management bracket enables easy installation in any location, including walls, surfaces and ceilings.


2 Card Key Switch > WattStopper’s HS Series card key switch turns electrical circuits on or off when a card key or HS-FOB key fob is inserted or removed from its slot. The low-profile switch features a backlit card key slot to provide visibility in darkened rooms and a 30-second egress time delay; it also ensures that lights are off when the room is vacant. It is available in five decorator colors and one-, two- or three-gang switch plate covers. This low-voltage unit has a normally open and normally closed isolated relay, allowing it to interface with third-party energy and lighting management control systems.


3 Luminaire > Bosch Security Systems Inc.’s AEGIS SuperLED long-range infrared illuminators optimize night-time video surveillance with evenly lit images and consistent light levels. Powered by an intelligent microprocessor, this advanced technology automatically controls and adjusts output to compensate for the degradation that naturally occurs with all LED illuminators. With 3-D diffuser technology, AEGIS SuperLED illuminators deliver up to 120 degrees horizontal beam widths and eliminate hotspot foregrounds and underexposed backgrounds. Image noise is significantly decreased, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements and enabling night-time performance of video content analysis. It has built-in low voltage 12–24V AC/V DC circuits.


4 Fire Detector > System Sensor’s FAAST (fire alarm aspiration sensing technology) aspirating detector, has dual-vision sensing technology and uses an extremely sensitive blue LED to provide very early warning fire detection (per NFPA 76) up to 60 minutes before combustion. The sensor also uses an infrared laser to identify nuisances, such as dust that can cause false alarms and downtime. The detector interprets signals from both sources.


5 Agent Release Panel > Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell’s Flex Series GF506R agent release panel features clean agent, dry chemical and high-pressure CO2 suppression control capabilities. The Flex Series GF506D preaction/deluge panel is suited to hospitals, warehouses, schools and other buildings typically protected by water-spray or foam-water sprinkler systems. Both have built-in strobe synchronization, 7 amps of output power, crosszone functionality and programmable input/output capabilities.

6 Security Technology Platform > Blackboard Inc.’s Blackboard Transact 3.6 is a fully integrated technology platform that supports Near Field Communication contactless technology and Sony’s FeliCa contactless technology. The VR4100 contactless vending reader supports Bluetooth and video playback on a color touchscreen. The package facilitates campus ID card issuance, online commerce, cashless payment processing, and self-service account management. It also monitors all campus activity using integrated door access control, video surveillance and mass notification capabilities.

7 Camera > Optelecom-NKF Inc.’s compact H.264 Siqura mini dome MD6x PTZ IP indoor MD60 and outdoor MD62 cameras are capable of streaming H.264 and of simultaneously streaming MPEG-4 and MJPEG. They have a web-based interface, enabling users to configure settings or view video streams from either a PC or handheld device. They have a day/night (IR-cut filter) and backlight compensation that can be applied manually or automatically.